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Micosoft update October causing problems

  thumbscrew 19:48 10 Oct 2012

Anyone having problems with today's monthly update....mine's shutting down the computer and when I reboot it's still there!

  lotvic 22:31 10 Oct 2012

Just had my XP updates install. Got message that needed to restart pc. Clicked on 'Restart' in the message and pc rebooted without any problems.

Can you explain a bit more clearly what happened with your pc, did you shut it down (if so, why?) or did the updates do it with no input from you? Was there any message on screen?

  thumbscrew 23:01 10 Oct 2012

Hello lotvic and thanks. Finally got it, prior to that the first few times I clicked the icon nothing happened. Next few, although it claimed to have completed it turned my machine off, when I rebooted, the yellow icon was still there. I finally sorted it by downloading from the Windows updates page and it seems ok now. Not the first time that the monthly update has caused problems for me.

  lotvic 23:03 10 Oct 2012

Oh well, at least you got it sorted.

  thumbscrew 23:15 10 Oct 2012

Thanks pal.

  sunnystaines 09:33 11 Oct 2012

on our two laptops w7 and xp both had lost internet and had to go through the repair option to work again after reboot from updates.

  thumbscrew 10:11 11 Oct 2012

Thanks sunnystaines, I wasn't alone then?

  Batch 15:53 11 Oct 2012

If you install updates by "manually" going to the MS update location it is not uncommon (e.g. on rebooting) for the auto-detection to still flag that there are still updates to install even though they have already been installed. The solution is to let the autoupdate process run. It then goes through some motions but doesn't re-install and seems to clear the issue.

  thumbscrew 20:34 11 Oct 2012

Hello Batch, the reason I manually installed was a last ditch attempt to get the updates, after repeatedly clicking the icon and having it mess up my machine as I described above. If the icon had not misbehaved I wouldn't have had to do it that way...cheers.

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