Mice having a party?

  fourjays 17:59 17 Sep 2005

I have asked about this before, but last time it went unsolved, until it stopped...

We have two computers close together (one for myself and one for my 'lil sister), and we have both noticed the mice moving of their own accord.

Both computers are *almost* identical in the hardware, and both have the same make of mouse - an MS Intellipoint (v3 I think), wired PS/2 mouse.

Now about 6-8months ago, the mice on both computers, would move of their own accord when not in use, and if you started to use one when it was moving (on its own), it would fight back (try to continue going where it wants) momentarily.

It stopped, and within the last couple of weeks, we have both noticed that the problem has started again, only this time with an odd tweak - my mouse (attached to the computer and monitor on the right), moves to the left of the screen, horizontally. My sisters mouse (attached to the computer and monitor on the left), moves to the right of her screen, horizontally.

Are they trying to have a party together?! This part is probably coincidence though...

I have checked both computers, and both have no software I didn't install on them (mice moving apps I have particularly checked for). Nothing was installed/uninstalled prior to this starting either.

The only things I can think of are:-

- Both computer are close. Could it be some kind of interfierance (sp?) from each other? I can supply a picture of the setup if it helps.

- Our neighbour is a "radio ham". For several months he has a single, 40ft (estimate) pole aerial up in his back garden. Around 6 months ago, the aerial was changed to a different type (looked like something you would find on an airfield), but about 2-4 weeks ago he changed it back to the pole. I don't think it is possible (as both mice are wired, and no other electronics seem to be effected), but could it be causing this odd movement?

Hope someone can help me crash the party the mice are having! :D

  howard60 18:02 17 Sep 2005

are they balless mice if so they need to be on a blank mat so that lines do not confuse them. If a ball type open them and clean the ball and rollers.

  Pooke 18:06 17 Sep 2005

That's cool. Have you tried a different mouse?

  fourjays 18:08 17 Sep 2005

Both are balled.

This mouse (purchased from dabs and all): click here

Or Dabs quicklinx: 9WJPV

  fourjays 18:09 17 Sep 2005

I doubt it can be a faulty mouse, as both mice on two different PCs do it...

  Pooke 18:11 17 Sep 2005

Must be interference then or an ambidextrous ghost!

Good luck


  GaT7 18:12 17 Sep 2005

Are you sure it's not a prank click here. G

  GaT7 18:17 17 Sep 2005

On a serious note, try opening the compartment that holds the balls are & give each ball & cavity a good clean. G

  Dorsai 18:27 17 Sep 2005

What happens if you press Control + Shift + Q, all at the same time?

  fourjays 18:30 17 Sep 2005

Both mice seem clean to me. :/

Its defintely not any kinda of software. Gone through everything on both computers (do on a regular basis).

Nothing happened when I hit Control + Shift + Q either. :p

  Dorsai 18:48 17 Sep 2005

Fair play. It's not Crazy-Mouse then.

Are both PC's about the same age, and do they get about the same amount of use?

It might be that your mice have broken their tails.

Have you tried to see if the oddness continues if one PC of the two is turned off?

If it does that rules out interference from one PC to the other (i find this unlikely anyway).

Bit at a loss really.

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