Mice failing

  flobby 11:15 04 Sep 2004

Hu all, I have posted before BUT had no solution. My mouse ( I am on my 4th.) has started to go barmy, besides going for a walk to the top of the page or to the side, it is now getting extremely difficult to move into the correct position.
This is an ongoing problem and if I buy a new mouse the problems disappear for about 3 weeks. the other mice have usually just stopped functioning. I have used optical,and wire and all end up faulty, I have had a new mother board fitted after it happened the first time. I have checked batteries, wires, scanned for viruses and spyware, CAN anybody help to prevent me havig to buy a new mose every 3 weeks or so.
Thanks in advance. Flobby

  smudge101 11:47 04 Sep 2004

Do you have other pointing devices? (trackball, joystick etc). Let us know what operating system you are on and whether you have done a reinstall, the more info the better.
Sounds like this is going to be an interesting one!

  Graham ® 12:01 04 Sep 2004

Do a search on the computer for 'crazy mouse'.

click here

  flobby 12:05 04 Sep 2004

Hi Smudge,
After the first instance I called in the professionals?????, and they changed the motherboard and installed XP Pro,(I was running XP home)The first time it happened not only the mouse would not work but the keyboard would not function aswell. AS i could not communicate with the computer I had no alternative except to pay a proffessional.They did change the motherboard as I have the old one here.But when they returned the computer the mouse and keyboard would still not work, when I rang them they said that it must be my mouse and keyboard fault as it worked OK in the workshop.
I bought another set and they worked fine for about 3 weeks and the mouse failed, i have bought another cheap mouse and that worked until last week ,when the cursor moves on its own and now it it annoyingly difficult to get the cursor in the right position. It is not a battery fault as this mouse is direct wired to the PS/2 connection and it is the same if I use the USB connection. Sorry it is long winded.
Cheers, Flobby

  flobby 12:14 04 Sep 2004

Hi Graham.
I have done a search including the hidden files and no result,
Cheers, Flobby

  smudge101 12:25 04 Sep 2004

I doubt if this is a hardware problem, I think Graham is on the right track in it being software related.

I think the first thing to do is run a god spyware program such as spybot or Adaware and see if you have some malware on your machine. The next step should be to make sure your comp is 100% virus free, make sure your antivirus is right up to date and also try one of the online virus scans such as Panda.

If this does not cure things then there may be some legitimate software installed that is corrupting the mouse/keyboard drivers.


  spuds 21:49 04 Sep 2004
  flobby 11:32 06 Sep 2004

Hi All,
I have just bought another cheap mouse and everything is working fine,but for how long?
I have tried all your suggestions and nothing worked.
When I attempted to try all the old mice again none of them worked. But when I tried the mouse that is with my keyboard,on boot up it stated it did not recognise the keyboard or no key board present. yet all other times it works.
Cheers, Flobby

  alfo 20:51 16 Oct 2004

How's the mouse? Sorry I can't offer any solution if it is ailing again except to say that I thought my mice were terminal until I uninstalled SP2 - I don't s'pose the pros stuck this on your machine when they installed XP?

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