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Mic stops working when playing games AND chat app

  mdisil427 04:35 21 Jun 2017

Hello, I'll try to explain it as simply as I can.

I'm having a problem whenever I open up a any game AND am using a chat app like discord or skype, after a few seconds, my mic stops working. If you look in the recording settings, the green bars are not showing up, so windows is not detecting my mic. The only way to temporarily fix the issue is by disabling/re enabling the mic I am using and leaving and rejoining the call. But the problem comes right back. There is no issue when I game/no chat app OR chat app/no game. Here is some information about what I am using.

My computer: Windows 10 i5 6600k gtx 1070 Asus z170-ar motherboard 16gb ram 128gb ssd with OS / 500gb hard drive / 240gb ssd Astro A50 (wireless) gen 3 with base station plugged into USB

What I am using: Discord Skype Team Speak CS:GO Arma 3 Rainbow 6 Siege

Things I have tried: Different headset, replaced it/tried other headsets and had the same issue Tried different USB ports, and hubs. disabled enhancements tried every combination of setting default device went into power saving settings and disabled USB ports from sleeping updated all audio drivers. Re-installed windows Tried running chat app in administrator mode restarted computer ;)

Side notes: I don't think it's an issue with my mic. If I use wired headphones the issue is not there, but I'm not settling for that, I need wireless headphones. it's been happening for a while and i'm not sure what started to make it happen.

Any help would be awesome.

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