Mic problems

  [email protected]© 19:00 14 May 2006

I'm receiving error: Direct Play Voice Setup. An error
occurred during directplay voice setup. The error code is
This is followed by Windows Error: Windows cannot execute
DpvSetup.exe. Use add/remove programs control panel to
I followed the instructions in KB #282822, but the error
still occus when I run the voice recording hardware

  skidzy 19:11 14 May 2006

Does this help [email protected]© click here

  [email protected]© 19:25 14 May 2006

Done as said skidzy but still dont work. I have tried another headset and mic and they dont work either so it cant be a faulty mic. I did notice after running the test hardware wizard that the entries in the registry reset themselves to zero.

  skidzy 19:35 14 May 2006

Once you changed the values via the registry did you reboot...if so,i have no idea why the registry is resetting to zero.
I will carry on trying to find a solution Daz.

Good luck

  [email protected]© 19:37 14 May 2006

Thanks and I did reboot.

  [email protected]© 19:38 14 May 2006

I did also reload sound card drivers.

  skidzy 19:45 14 May 2006

This seems a common problem with no solution found at the moment.... there seems to be a lot said about the accelorater or slider being set to zero,found this...but i think it refers to the last link really.
click here
Still looking !!! :-)

  skidzy 19:56 14 May 2006

[email protected]© Just a thought,have you checked device manager for any yellow exclaimation marks ?..i know you said you have reloaded the drivers but have they been updated.

Also could you state the maker/model of the sound card please.

  skidzy 20:03 14 May 2006

Silly question now...have you tried system restore ?

  [email protected]© 20:07 14 May 2006

To when? And in the past whenever I have tried system restore its never worked for some reason.

  skidzy 20:11 14 May 2006

Can you tell when it worked last time ok,maybe worth a try.
I have come across a fair bit of info regarding the latest directx that is needed for audio.The latest version is direct x 9 April i believe. click here

I would hazzard a guess you already have this though.

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