mic not working

  carlinglover 11:48 10 Feb 2003

i am running on broadband and xp and since my pc had to go back and be wiped and have xp re-installed i cant get my mic to work on it... i have tried auto tuning wizard and the speakers work but my mic wont.... i am new to pcs so any help you can give i would appreciate in the simplest terms possible.... ty in advance for any help or advice you can give

  Tj_El 11:54 10 Feb 2003

Hi, I had a similar problem and tried everything but to no avail. I decided to try using another mic and hey presto! that one worked so I ditched the old mic.
Maybe you could try with another mic to see if that works - if so then your current mic could be the problem.


  carlinglover 11:58 10 Feb 2003

i have a spare mic and that wont work on it either but both did work b4 the silly people took it away...and i am at a loss on why it no longer works

  ©®@$ђ 12:05 10 Feb 2003

double click your speaker icon in the taskbar

click options/properties

make sure the mixer device is set to your sound card

put a dot in playback,scroll down and make sure microphone is ticked,click ok and mute microphone

go back to options/properties

now put a dot in recording

make sure microphone is ticked,click ok, and then tick select

now see if it works, if not, make sure that you have your mic plugged into the correct location into your sound card, make sure the mic is functional on a different machine (if needs be), goto start/control panel/sound and audio devices

click on voice tab make sure the default playback is your sound card and the same for voice recording you can test your hardware in that section,click on the audio tab,make sure your sound recording device is your sound card, and make sure the volume is turned up on the mic

  carlinglover 12:12 10 Feb 2003

i cant see a speaker icon on my task bar like i said i am new to this and not sure what to look for... sorry to be such an idiot lol

  lacker 12:18 10 Feb 2003

Go to control panel,select sounds and audio devices,then carry out procedure as outlined above.You will also see a section to tick which allows you to put sound icon into taskbar.


  Ben Avery (Work) 12:21 10 Feb 2003

Are you running any other Music software like a bundled package from Creativer Soundblaster etc?

I have the Audigy Platinum soundcard installed and it can be configured from the Creative settings (Which at times do not show up on the standard windows settings)

Just a thought


  ©®@$ђ 12:21 10 Feb 2003

to enable the speaker icon to appear in the taskbar

goto start/control panel/sound and audio devices/volume tab

and put a tick in (place volume icon on taskbar),click apply and ok

now you should see the speaker icon

and follow the steps i have given you in my other post

  carlinglover 13:10 10 Feb 2003

[email protected]$h
i have done everything you said and it still doesnt work .. with the balance on the mic the top bit is the only one that isnt highlighted green.. the mic is in the right hole as well ... this is very confusing lol. ty for the time you are taking to help.. and that goes for all you other people kind enough to give advice ty again

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