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MG6150 - How do I set the date on scanned docs

  OpalGypsy 07:45 03 Aug 2015

I have an MG6150 which I am using to create a paperless office. I am scanning direct to a USB and transferring over to pc at regular intervals. I have a minor issue with the scanned date showing as 1st Jan 2010 on every document and I have been unable to find where I can update this. Is this only possible via pc or is there a setting on the machine itself? Other than this minor issue, I am loving my machine and it has been mega reliable for the last 5 years or so.. Hoping someone can ponint me in the right direction... Cheers Opal xx

  northumbria61 13:27 03 Aug 2015

There should be something in your Import Settings - Folder Name - Date Taken + tag or something similar that may need changing. I am not familiar with the MG6150, I am only referring to what is in my scan settings.

  Nontek 13:52 03 Aug 2015

To reset Date & Tine MG6150 ... switch off at Mains and remove Mains lead, wait a short while then reconnect and switch on again.

  OpalGypsy 09:48 07 Aug 2015

northumbria61, thank you for your reply and suggestion, but those options are not actually available on the MG6150 machine ... because I am not connecting through a computer, I am wondering if that will be the only way I can correct the 'Scanned Date' ?? Non tek, thank you for the suggestion, however, this did not work for me... I'll keep trying it though, just in case it decides (at some point) to fix the isssue.... cheers xx I am hopeful that this can be resolved, at the moment It's not causing issues but will be a problem on current scans and paperwork being created before they existed, if that makes sense :D

thanks again xx

  Nontek 23:43 07 Aug 2015

Also try this ... before reconnecting and switching on again, place scanner as near as possible to an outside Window, then leave in that position for a couple of hours or more (though it may work sooner than this).

I know this may sound a bit strange, but I have a clock which sets itself with time/date etc, but it will only do so if positioned as above.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:49 08 Aug 2015

Opal, I've had a good look through the Canon MG6150 manual and there doesn't appear to be an option for setting the time and date on the machine itself. You could however use the LCD display and navigate to Setup -> Device User settings -> Date Display. I've a feeling though that isn't what you need but have a look anyway.

My hunch is that the MG6150 gets the correct date and time either from a connected PC or a network connection. I see that you've said it's not connected to a computer. If you have a wireless router then try connecting it to that via the machine's LCD display -> Setup -> LAN Settings -> Wireless LAN Setup. Or if you prefer to use a wired network connection, plug a cable between the two. Lastly, check that the correct network connection is selected via Setup -> LAN Settings -> Change wireless/wired.

I've never heard of a printer/scanner having a radio-controlled clock so leaving it by a window is unlikely to work ;)

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