Ian in Northampton 19:26 26 Mar 2010

Not a problem, just an observation that might help someone sometime. I kept getting a "delayed write failed to h:\$Mft" error - H is one of my external USB drives. Googled it extensively and thought "oh sh*t". H was still there in My Computer, as were all the directories - but given the nature of $Mft, it was no surprise to find all the folders apparently empty. However, I always like to try the simple things first, so went to turn off the drive. I guess I wasn't surprised that it didn't respond to the power button. Unplugged it at the wall, waited a few seconds, plugged it in again and - hey presto - everything OK again. I guess, if such a thing is possible, the drive had hung and needed to be rebooted. I'll be keeping an eye on it, though.

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