ME/XP Pro upgade problem

  Hugg6ear 05:30 18 Dec 2003

My ME system became corrupt and wouldn't boot. I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to to XP Pro and purchased the latest version. I installed it over the ME system so that I retained all my existing files. It seems to have worked OK except I cannot get any ICONs on my desktop, except for the Recycle Bin, and the start menu/programs does not show many programs. Should I have formatted the hard drive and installed XP cleanly? I do have the critical data backed up.

  bananaslik 07:58 18 Dec 2003

Hi Hugg6ear,i also put xp in over the top of me & it was disasterous,i had all kinds of probs.In the end there was just too many probs to sort out so i formated & did a clean install.And surprise everything was spot on.Do a clean install it's far easier in the long run
goooood luuuuck

  Forum Editor 08:10 18 Dec 2003

(not the upgrade) you'll be better off doing a clean install as bananaslik says. Although you say you have critical data backed up perhaps I can remind you about your Outlook or Outlook Express contacts list - many people forget that, and find they have lost the lot after the Windows installation completes.

  AubreyS 09:15 18 Dec 2003


Have you tried right clicking the desktop > Arrange Icons By > and then ticking Show Desktop Items?

  alcudia 10:24 18 Dec 2003

To have only the recycle bin icon on the desktop is the default for XP. If you want any more you have to put them there.

To put all prgrams onto the Start menu you may have to right click the Start button and choose Open all Users. you can then drag shortcuts anywhere you want. This is assuming you are logged on as an administrator. If on as a user it may be privileges or lack of them that are stopping you seeing all the programs.

  Hugg6ear 10:36 18 Dec 2003

Thank you for the replies, I will do a clean install. I found items elsewhere confirming problems installing XP over 98/ME and suggesting a clean installation.

You can do a full install with just an upgrade disc.Just place the Xp upgrade disc in the computer, it will then ask you to put in your ME disc to prove you are entitled to upgrade; when the next step appears, take out the ME disc, put in the XP upgrade, and continue; making sure you reformat to remove all traces of ME.

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