Metallic text in Word, how do I do it?

  FUNKAM11 18:52 24 May 2005

Hi, I just got married and am doing my own thank you card, would really love a gold effect THANK YOU
how do I get it please, as the gold goes with the Elvis jacket we had at the wedding! LOL Thanks

  VoG II 18:54 24 May 2005

Insert, Picture, WordArt.

  VoG II 18:57 24 May 2005

The longer version click here

  HondaMan 18:58 24 May 2005

Best I can come up with is this.

Go to Format|Character. Font Colour|more colours.

From there your imagination is you only limit.
(Applies to Word 2003)

  FUNKAM11 18:59 24 May 2005

What colours do I pick in wordart? have tried word art and cant see anything metallic or gold?

  torver 19:22 24 May 2005

one way to do it is to download a picture of gold or scan a picture you may have to my pictures choose the style of word art you want and then when you have typed the banner right click on it and -format word art. Go to the colours and lines tab and click the down arrow then -fill effects then -other textures and find the file that you have scanned or downloaded and use that as the fill effect

  jack 19:36 24 May 2005

the Mettalic 'word' I guess is a job for a paint or photo editor program with plugins.
then copy the finished result to word.

  Peter 21:46 24 May 2005


Open a blank document in Word and click the Drawing icon on the Standard toolbar. This should open the Drawing toolbar at the bottom of the Word window. Click the "Insert WordArt" icon (the 3D blue letter A) on the Drawing toolbar. Accept the default WordArt style by clicking the OK button. Enter your text in place of the "Your Text Here" and click OK. The WordArt toolbar should appear. Click the "Format WordArt" button. On the "Colors and Lines" tab select the Color dropdown and then select "Fill Effects..." On the Gradient tab select Colors Preset and select Gold or Gold II form the dropdown box. Chose a Shading Style and click Ok and OK again.

Play with the available options (WordArt Style, font type, font size, Shading direction etc, etc.) to tailor the results to suit your requirements.

Hope this helps.


  Peter 01:20 27 May 2005


Did any of the above replies help?


  Sapins 12:45 27 May 2005

You select your text in MS Word that you want to change the colour of as normal.

Then, on the button on the toolbar there is a box to change the font colour by clicking on the drop down arrow.

Click on more colours, then click on the Custom tab and change the Red, Green and Blue Numbers as per these codes.

For Gold Change Red to 192

" Green to 168

" Blue to 104

For Deeper Gold Change Red to 165

" Green to 138

" Blue to 82

For Silver Change Red to 151

" Green to 151

" Blue to 168

For Copper change Red to 205

" Green to 115

" Blue to 0

For Old Gold Change Red to 165

" Green to 138

" Blue to 82

Hope this helps and congratulations on you marriage,



  Sapins 12:47 27 May 2005

Should have added, as you change the numbers you can see what the colour will be so you can experiment if you wish.

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