Metal plate blocking floppy drive access

  CLONNEN 15:01 25 Jul 2004

I want to install some front USB ports on my computer. I have removed the plastic cover (with the aid of a flat screwdriver) from the front of the case (underneath my floppy drive) but I now find my path is blocked by a metal plate.

How do I remove it so I can install my USB ports into the spare 3.5 inch bay.

  Giant68 15:11 25 Jul 2004

Generally these plates just break out with a bit of a twist. Somteimes they have a cross cut thru' the middle which allows you to stick a screwdriver thru to twist it. You may need to take the front off the case to get to it properly, the front may pop off or you might need to close the clips up to push it out from the inside.


  €dstowe 15:14 25 Jul 2004

These are usually "knockout" plates and will come away with a firm push. Be careful doing this as the edges will be sharp and thus dangerous. Best take the side off you machine so you can approach it from two directions.

  CLONNEN 15:32 25 Jul 2004

I have managed to get the bottom of the metal plate loose but the top won't budge. My floppy drive sticking out above seems to getting in the way.

Do I have to unscrew the floppy drive and move it back a bit to get the metal plate off.

  Diemmess 15:38 25 Jul 2004


This is back before Meccano, remove the Floppy drive to give yourself space and then use a pair snipenose pliers or something which you can use to push, twist or pull without losing a finger.....then show it you mean it!

  Satmansq 16:06 25 Jul 2004

You should probably have a good look from the inside before going too much further, as depending on the age of the case it may be that it is screwed in rather than break away

  CLONNEN 06:13 26 Jul 2004

After a lot of swearing at it and a bit of a wrestling match, it suddenly turned a complete somersault and broke free. Hurray!

I have installed my USB ports successfully.

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