what is it ?

  Channel 18:47 24 Sep 2011

This file keeps appearing on my Windows7 desktop.I am new to this operating system, having just bought a new laptop replacing Vista.I delete the file, but it comes back again.What is it, and can I stop it appearing ?

  northumbria61 23:15 24 Sep 2011

The FM file extension can relate to a few programs.

One theory is that it could relate to Filemaker Pro - run msconfig and look under the startup tab to see if anything resembling that and untick it stop it starting when you start your computer OR failing that look for anything listed there which you do not recognise as being one of your programs.

  Channel 18:51 26 Sep 2011

Thank you.I don't have the program mentioned.I've kept a lookout after each operation on the laptop, and the file re-appears frequently-after program installations,after using Internet Explorer,including after writing this and minimising the screen to see.I have no other programs open.It appears after synchronising my Favorites with XMarks,too.I'm fed-up with deleting it to clear clutter from the desktop.

  northumbria61 21:07 26 Sep 2011

You could try running CCleaner - if you don't already have it you can download and install from here enter link description here Just run it in default mode (which it will be on initial install) click Analyze and when that completes choose Run Cleaner. Also from the Options down the left hand side choose Registry - Scan for Issues - Fix Selected Issues (This program is quite safe to use) I am assuming you haven't got it - if you have then you will know all about it.

  Channel 15:58 27 Sep 2011

Thank you;I hadn't got round to installing CCleaner, and have now done so and used it as you described.Unfortunately, stayed, and has re-appeared several times again after deleting.Mysterious.Any further ideas would be welcome !

  badhair1963 16:35 27 Sep 2011

It's something called a meta-data file. I think you can use this program to look at its contents.

  badhair1963 16:48 27 Sep 2011

It might be a good idea to read this first.

  rawprawn 19:11 27 Sep 2011

It is usually associated with a video download file of a different format. If that is so you can safely delete it, but you may need to delete the associate file to get rid of it.

  Channel 19:55 27 Sep 2011

Thank you both;I shall try to read the file as suggested, and hopefully discover the cause of it.I can't do it tonight, I think.will let you know.

  Channel 21:40 27 Sep 2011

I've done it !I've discovered it's from XMarks,so I shall now go onto its forum and find out more. I suppose it appears each time XMarks checks if newFavorites are added. But it never happened with Vista or XP.Thank you to those who helped.

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