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  richie1087 10:25 24 Jan 2005

I need to publicise my new website - but I don't really understand how meta tags work. Do I just include certain key words and hope for the best? Or should I be paying someone like Overture to publicise my site? Or is there another way?

I'd really appreciate some impartial advice!

  neil_raj 10:54 24 Jan 2005

For example: If your site was about Stamp Collecting, you would use the following tags;

<meta name= "description" content="everything you wanted to know about stamp collecting.">

<meta name= "keywords" content="stamps, stamp collecting, stamp history, prices, stamps for sale.">

You have a meta description tag first = general interest about the name of your site, then meta keywords = individual words that relate to what the site is about.

To help you more (don't pay for the creation of meta tags) use this free site to create the tags for you; click here; simply copy and paste them into your html code AFTER the <head> tag.

Good luck.... Neil.

  richie1087 11:00 24 Jan 2005

Thanks mate, I'll give that a whizz and see what happens.



  richie1087 08:23 25 Jan 2005

Cheers, I'll give that a try as well. What about software like HelloEngines? Is that worth it?

  Talented Monkey 10:22 25 Jan 2005

Certainly meta tags are not as influential when it comes to webpage rankings, but they still play a part. well this statement isn’t strictly true for all cases, certainly it applies if you are running an online shop that is just one of thousands selling CDs computer accessories etc However if your website is almost unique, say an information site on a little known historical figure or a club that caters for an unusual hobby, then after submitting your pages to search engines, you will be pleasantly surprised that your ranking reaches in top 5 for words associated with the hobby that you placed in the meta tags.

If you have a site which is one of half a million near identical sites on web, meta tags are still useful to have. For starters Title and Description are how the pages are described and labelled when returned by search engines and directory listings. Certainly I wouldn’t go too mad with keywords though. Meta tags are also used to tell robots/crawlers etc how to behave when indexing and searching your website, and other boring things like setting page expiry dates, authors, publishers, resource type, character set the web page use and so on.

I wouldn’t bother going to any of these companies that promise high ranking search engine places, waste of time and money to be honest. Just stick to a short but informative set of meta tags, and don’t worry about them. indeed search engine ranking is a difficult art, the search engine companies do change their criteria as to how pages are ranked from time to time to stop exploitation.

An interesting note, Looking at the stats a couple of information websites I have a couple of referrals from search engine results using words that appear nowhere in any meta tag,

If you need any help as to what meta tags to use and how just ask!

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