Messing where i shouldn't have been

  conquistador 08:16 10 May 2004

I have Windows ME, the one with the hidden partition. Only stupid me decided to play about with partition magic and wiped the complete pc clean. When booting it now asks me for Master cd1
which i obviously didnt get with the PC. I however did have have Win 98 and a 98 boot disk. So ithought i'd try and load that just so i had a PC to use. Problem is when i put in the 98 cd itsays "This programme cannot be run in DOS mode.
How can i get round this, do i need to type in something different. Or am i DOOMED to wander with no PC. (Fate worse than death). By the way i may not be able to answer any questions quickly as i am using works computer.

Try going into the BIOS and change the boot sequence such that the CD is the first device in the chain.

Reboot the computer with the CD already in and hopefully all will be well.

You could also try the 'beg' approach to your computer manufacturer advising them of your dilemna and asking for a copy of said cd, I doubt you will get it, but theymay come up with an alternative solution.

  dogtrack 08:42 10 May 2004


  conquistador 08:46 10 May 2004

Thanks for that Whisperer, i got PC from PC World , do you think they will feel sorry for me (lol). I deserve it dogtrack.

  end 09:44 10 May 2004

(can I comment that " been there, done that". not that its much consolation or help for you;My "claim to fame" on wiping out a computer"s memory was to type in in the address bar ( and please do NOT type it in as the same fate will happen to YOU.... I typed in . d l l (have spaced it out to ensure it does NOT apprear as a "click here" and wipe anyone else out).THAT appeard IN the address bar, and promptly ran through ALL my computer deleting each and every file; I managed to stop it after about 45 seconds after I realised what was happening, but , needless to say, the damage was done...... )

  Smegs 10:46 10 May 2004

dogtrack, If you have nothing better to say, GO AWAY. Conquistador, try re-formatting from dos. At the dos prompt type FORMAT C: /S. Then follow Whisperer's thread. This way you are installing afresh, hopefully. Good luck.

  conquistador 11:42 10 May 2004

Smegs thanks for that i will try that tonight.

  scooby43 11:55 10 May 2004

conquistador let us know how you get on I have all threads of mine which give help on refomarting if needs be.

  scooby43 11:55 10 May 2004

not all (old) sorry my typing is getting bad today.

  Valvegrid 12:55 10 May 2004

This may help: click here

  Valvegrid 12:56 10 May 2004

Also Microsoft: click here;EN-US;221829

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