messenger working even when switched off?

  mannock 19:51 16 Jul 2004

my windows messenger seems to be working even though it is configured not to run automatically. there is no icon in the system tray. and i have disabled the messenger service in services.msc
yet people can still send alerts and messages to me. there are no programs in my startup folder.
and msconfig does not show messenger. and using mike lin's startup utility shows no messenger or similar as running. what's going on?

  sidecar sid 20:02 16 Jul 2004

Shoot the messenger

click here

  cga 21:31 16 Jul 2004

I have a more radical approach to this same problem. I have killed Windows Messenger permanently by renaming the program (MSMSGS.EXE in C:\Program Files\Messenger) and then use MSN messenger which I can start and kill as I want. It has full compatibility with other messenger users. I have not had any problems from doing this but, if you do, you could always rename it back (I just put a $ in front of the filename).
This behaviour started some months ago and is really annoying.

  mannock 22:13 17 Jul 2004

thanks sidecar sid, but it wasn't the messenger service i am having problems with, i disabled that a long time ago. it's windows messenger which is bugging me.
cga, i have done what you suggested and renamed msmsgs.exe and it has done the trick. what is worrying me though, is what started it working every time i booted up. the only place i found it listed as running was in the 'processes' list in task manager.

  cga 11:51 18 Jul 2004

Absolutely right - that bugged me as well, and I dont have an answer. I have tried all the various tools (Spybot, Ashampoo etc.) checking the starup lists and it did not appear anywhere. I know that this started about 6 months ago as I have always used MSN messenger and it suddenly started telling me I was logged on eslsewhere and proceeded to log me out of Windows Messenger.
Anyway - I have had no problems since killing it - I just need to remember to check that it has not been replaced after a major upgrade.

  mannock 13:10 18 Jul 2004

another microsoft mystery. aren't pc's fun!
thanks for your help cga

  Gingermum 14:05 18 Jul 2004

Try clicking START / RUN and type in msconfig. Click on the STARTUP tab and see if you can find it in the list. Remove the tick and it won't start on boot up. If you remove the tick from the wrong thing, you can always put it back later.

  cga 14:13 18 Jul 2004

I dont know about mannock but - for me - msconfig certainly did not show it. That was the first thing I tried. There was something in XP or Office XP starting it under the covers. If it was visible and configurable then I have no problem but I hate MS knowing what is best for us and keeping quiet about it. End Rant!!!

  ste_bla 14:58 18 Jul 2004

Just to make a point; you can uninstall windows messenger in control panel; add & remove; components

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