Messenger (Windows Live) installing, security.

  Ancient Learner 14:22 11 Apr 2006

I have had one go at this and it has caused me problems. Please see click here

As I have suddenly become a bit unpopular with my Grandchildren because I got rid of it, I should have another attempt. However, I would prefer to do it the safest way possible, and so perhaps avoid my earlier problems.

Has anyone any thoughts, or is it a matter of having to put up it.

  Ade_1 16:10 11 Apr 2006

Have you tried using MSN Messenger rather than Windows Live Messenger? You can talk to the same people using the same address to logon and do pretty much the same activites, im pretty sure. Also Windows Live Messenger is still in the Beta stagwe so there is bound to be some bugs. MSN Messenger however is out as a full free product you can find out more here - click here
and download it from here - (its the same website i just clicked a link for you) - click here

Hopefully this has been some help

  Ancient Learner 19:57 11 Apr 2006

I understood that MSN Messenger was the old software and that the Beta version was an improvement, and was called Windows Live Messenger. So are you saying that the old version would be better?

  Ancient Learner 17:19 12 Apr 2006

I installed MSN Messenger this afternoon. Spent a little time conversing with my grandaughter, she's on holiday, and I have according to Ad_Aware SE been infected with 6 Critical Trackers and 9 others. Surely there must be a way of stopping this.

  Ancient Learner 17:40 12 Apr 2006

I've installed SpyWare Doctor as everybody seems to think it is so good, I'll see how it goes before I purchase. Has anyone any experience of it?

  Ancient Learner 21:00 13 Apr 2006

Spyware Doctor has made absolutely no difference.

  VoG II 21:05 13 Apr 2006

I cannot understand how you are picking up tracking cookies by using a messaging program.

  Ancient Learner 21:14 13 Apr 2006

Neither can I. The fact remains, that is if is a fact, that when I uninstalled Messenger the cookies ceased immediately, and when I reinstaled it they appeared again.

I normally use my own domain as an address, Eudora, and Opera. With this Messenger, I am obliged to use a Hotmail address, but I am unsure what is being used to get me onto the internet, IE or Opera. Whether this has any bearing on the matter, I don't know.

  VoG II 21:20 13 Apr 2006

Cookies are small data files installed by websites to store information about you. They aren't installed by messaging programs, at least not to my knowledge. Your grandchildren aren't sending you website links to click on are they?

  terryf 21:21 13 Apr 2006

Use MSN messenger version 7.5, Build 7.5 3011 is the latest version, that is (IMO) much better than windows messenger

  Jackcoms 21:47 13 Apr 2006

Can you supply us with a link to download the latest Build?

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