Messenger spam

  crazyj 10:41 27 Oct 2005


On my refurbished pc (i only got it last week) runing win xp i am frequently getting messenger spam but only when i am online. They are advertising adult sites and saying I have a corrupted registry and i need to visit a non microsoft website to sort it out. How can i get rid of these without disableing the messenger service. I have ran spybot S&D twice and it dose not pick them up although i can see it scanning file names such as adultxxx. I have never visited any dodgy sites and i think these files might have already been on the PC when i got it.

Can anyone think of a way to get rid of them.

Thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 11:36 27 Oct 2005

Unless you really need Messenger you are best to disable it in Services or use StoptheMessenger.exe from click here

  crazyj 11:41 27 Oct 2005

I did that on a different pc of mine but I would rather get rid of what ever the source of the problem is so that it or items related to it dont cause a real problem to my pc.

Dose any one know of a free scanner that should be able to pick up the source of the problem.


  Belatucadrus 12:44 27 Oct 2005

The source of the problem is that with the messenger system enabled, your PC is open to all the messenger pop up crap floating about the net. The source of the problem is on the net, not your PC click here and click here for a little reading. There really is very little point in having the messenger facility active.

As to Spybot scanning AdultXXX etc. that's not what it's scanning, it's just a note to tell you what it's looking for at that time. If the scan results are clear then it's not there and there's no problem.

  crazyj 12:52 27 Oct 2005

Thanks for that about spybot looking for the files rather than looking at them. I am just downloading SP2 on dial up that should leave plenty of time for reading.

Thanks for all of your help

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