Messenger Service spam - how does it get my IP ?

  TreeBear 11:07 11 Apr 2003

Thanks to previous advice here I have disabled the Messenger Service & hope that is the end of the spam via that route.

But the message I kept getting warned me that my machine was transmitting its IP address and had an open port - it invited me to visit a website where all my problems would be solved. My correct IP was quoted in the spam text.

Now, I have been running a firewall since well before the spam started and it is not reporting anything unusual. Also, I have tested my PC security with a number of on-line tools and all report that my machine is in full stealth mode on all ports.

Any ideas how the spammer is getting my IP? Is it simply that they are trying every combination, or something more sinister?

  Gerrycan 11:38 11 Apr 2003

Do you have any anti-popup software installed?

  TreeBear 12:16 11 Apr 2003

No anti-popup software; just firewall and anti-virus. My concern is how the spammer is able to get my IP from what looks like a secure machine.

  JoeC 13:11 11 Apr 2003

to transmit its IP address to operate on the net. For example, if you were to download something, your IP is the address which the website will send your download to. When you get the " I know your IP address " scare tactics, it is normally a scam to get you to buy their product. Don't worry about rubbish like that - you have a firewall and are secure as you have found out. : }

  TreeBear 14:19 11 Apr 2003

sounds exactly right for the pop-up I was getting. Basically, visit this website - and buy our software I guess ... I never gave them the pleasure of my visit !


  dth 16:05 11 Apr 2003

JoeC is right - when you visit any website your p/c tells the site your ip address, o/s and internet browser - so the website can send the page (in the right format) for you to view.

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