Messenger Service Pop Ups

  [DELETED] 21:11 03 Aug 2003

I keep getting Messenger Service Pop Up messages
every time I am online as of late never before
could someone tell me how to get rid of!!!!


  [DELETED] 21:12 03 Aug 2003
  [DELETED] 21:12 03 Aug 2003
  [DELETED] 21:23 03 Aug 2003


Tried your way hopefully it has done the trick,
did forget though to mention I was running OS XP.

But your link led me straight to where I needed thanks I will let you know if this has solved the problem, looks as though it has..

I was worried in case I had a particular Virus for this to start, but Norton had never picked anything up...

  [DELETED] 21:24 03 Aug 2003


  [DELETED] 21:35 03 Aug 2003

I am going to pass this up as being resolved, as it seems ro have stopped...
cheers muppetmark for your help

sorry VoG but thanks for your response too..


  [DELETED] 21:49 03 Aug 2003

frankieman, don't worry, VoG is at that age where he needs encouraging

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