Messenger Service - Pop Up Nightmare!

  Jon-232376 14:20 05 Sep 2003

Short Version -
Xp Home
All updates.
Every 5 minutes, I keep getting pop up like eg:
Message from Stop to Stop (todays date & time)
click here

and other ones like

Message from SystemAlert to unsafe User (date & Time)
Did you know that there is a one - click easy way to stop these pop ups forever?
For free information, please visit
click here

Have any of you come across these before?

Long Version -
About 4 weeks ago my Laptop, broke down due to lighten'. the modem was fried so of it went to get fixed.
I just received it back yesterday evening.
My laptop is an early 2002 model (Toshiba Satellite 3000)so does not come out of the box with SP1, I didn't have a copy of SP1 on disc so got it off my mate along with the blaster worm hotfix. After all my software was installed I connected to my usual ISP to the net via A-O-(awful)-L. After downloading a further 38 hotfixs from windows update I keep getting these pop-ups (see above) which aren't website based pop-up that you would get from angelfire or other such free webspace providers.

Can anyone please help, also I can't right click on my aol connection to view properties and enable the firewall that comes with XP Don't know why?
The virus software that I use is AVG 7 which is also fully updated.
i also have Ad-aware 6.

  Djohn 14:25 05 Sep 2003
  Jon-232376 14:35 05 Sep 2003

Cheers Djohn,
I hope that done that hope it works, what I can't understand is that website was dated june and I never came across this before or had to do some thing similar how long has this been around anyway?
Ps: thanks for the quick reply, hopefully I can relax now.

  expertec 14:52 05 Sep 2003

you could downoad Stop Windows Messenger Spam from click here

  Jon-232376 15:20 05 Sep 2003

thanks expertec, but Djohns suggestion seems to have done the trick, I can now go back to surfing in peace, cheers folks

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