Messenger Service Pop up

  kingkenny 11:53 14 Aug 2003

This has nothing to do with MSN or windows Messenger, (i think).

last night I downloaded a mod for a game (mohaa) and unzipped it. I then decided not to use it and deleted it. Today, I received a message in a pop up window that said my computer is vulnerable to attack from a hacker and that i should visit a website click here. it said i should take a note of the address as simply clicking on OK will not take me to the address. I have pressed ctrl+alt+delete and brought up task manager. It shows up in applications as "messenger service" with the .exe icon next to it. I can't find a way to get anymore info on it and its location so that i can delete it.

it seems to pop up every hour and i have had it happen twice now. I have just executed a syatem restore to see if that clears it. Can anyone offer any help on this matter?

I would really appreciate it, thanks

  kingkenny 11:55 14 Aug 2003

Sorry that was not supposed to be a link in there. the website is called ENDAD.COM. it propmpts me to download the chinese language pack first. then the site is filled with a jumble of symbols.

  JoeC 11:56 14 Aug 2003

( Courtesy of click here )
This isn't spyware or adware. It's the messaging service built into Windows which is being used by spammers.(Windows Messenger - not .Net Messenger ).
To get rid of it,turn off the messaging service.
Windows 2000 and XP:- Go Start > Run > type in services.msc.Double-click on Messenger and in the Messenger Properties window, select Stop, then choose Disable as the Startup Type.Click OK.
Windows 95, 98, and ME:- Go to Control Panel and Add/Remove.Select Windows Setup.Select System Tools.Click Details.Uncheck WinPopUp.Click OK.

  The Sack 11:56 14 Aug 2003

click here thats the easiest way yet to kill it.

  livewire 11:58 14 Aug 2003


First, right click my computer and click manage.
A box called computer management should appear

In that window click services and applications, follwed by services again.

Scroll down until you see messenger, double click on it. Where it says "start-up type" select disabled. After that click STOP.

This should prevent those horrible windows from appearing again!

  kingkenny 12:01 14 Aug 2003

Is it definitely connected to Windows Messenger?

I have never had this before and have Norton Firewall which prevents pop ups of that nature. It only started after i had unzipped that game mod

  JoeC 12:09 14 Aug 2003

Norton Firewall. I got these popups until I disabled the messenger service. Give it a go - nothing to lose ! : }

  kingkenny 12:11 14 Aug 2003

Right i will try these suggestions and let you guys know how i get on

I am heading to work soon, but will try these and post back later today.

Thanks for all the input

  The Sack 12:12 14 Aug 2003

You could have also downloaded the 22KBs program from GRC, clicked one button and binned the file :-D

  livewire 12:16 14 Aug 2003


  kingkenny 12:17 14 Aug 2003

thx The Sack, i will check that prog out too

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