Messenger display name

  Skippy88 15:24 01 Jul 2003

I have disabled Windows Messenger and installed MSN Messenger 5.0 but I don't want others to see my e-mail address which is being displayed at present. Not for some reason my nickname. When I go to personal settings the 'Display Name' box is greyed out so I can't change it. How do I get round this problem??

  Squall 16:19 01 Jul 2003

Are you signed in when you are trying to change your display name - you need to be if you are not

  Skippy88 16:26 01 Jul 2003

Yes I am signed in. Still won't work.

  Squall 16:33 01 Jul 2003


Maybe try and sign out and then sign back in, see if you can alter your display name then

  Skippy88 16:41 01 Jul 2003

Thanks for trying but nope that doesn't have any effect either. If I sign out it automatically signs me back in!

  Magik ®© 16:42 01 Jul 2003

you have to get rid of the cookie so it will not sign you back in.

  Skippy88 16:43 01 Jul 2003

It also keeps asking me to verify my address but than fails when I try to.

  Skippy88 16:44 01 Jul 2003

Which cookie? I have just reset it to ask before signing me in.

  Magik ®© 16:49 01 Jul 2003

go through the temp internet files, find the msn one and delete it...

  Skippy88 16:59 01 Jul 2003

I can't find it

  Skippy88 17:10 01 Jul 2003

It keeps asking for me to verify my e-mail address and then gives me this error

Microsoft® .NET Passport was temporarily unable to complete your request. Please try again later.

This has been happening for days. Is this whats wrong????

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