messed up windows ME to XP upgrade or full

  the flying monkey 10:55 26 Jun 2003

I was supplied Windows ME with the computer as an OEM product in september of 2001. Since then it has proceeded to completely ruin my computer. I can't add extra fonts, it keeps crashing and the other day it wouldn't even start up; which led to all my work being irrecoverably lost. ahhhh. i want to upgrade to Windows XP asap. but should i go for a full version or just an upgrade. Furthermore, should i consider buying a full price retail disc set or the much cheaper OEM version (from spellsoftware). please help, thanks.

  stlucia 15:33 26 Jun 2003

So long as you've got your ME installation CD, no need to buy the full version of XP. When you upgrade to XP it will check that you've got a valid Windows on your PC or, if not, will ask you to insert the old installation CD for validation.

'fraid I can't advise you on full or OEM version.

  Legolas 15:59 26 Jun 2003

I would think the oem version would be ok especially if you are quite comfortable with installing software on your computer and if it is cheaper then why not.

  the flying monkey 17:26 26 Jun 2003

When you say windows installation CD does that include a recovery CD. I wasn't given a proper Windows ME disc, only a manufacturers recovery disc. Is that still the same thing. thanks guys for the help.

  Taw 18:23 26 Jun 2003

Just a word of warning on upgrade from ME to XP I took that option as it seemed the easiest at the time, only to find lots of conflicts between the ME and XP causing my PC to do weird and wonderful things,except what it was supposed to do. After that I had to do a completely new install of XP.

  dontaskme 18:36 26 Jun 2003

I originally did the upgrade, which worked fine, but when i put a new motherboard in I did a new install and there seemed a significant improvement. (not because of the motherboard, but maybe because i used ntfs instead of fat32)

  ams4127 19:49 26 Jun 2003

I had exactly the same problems as Taw when trying to upgrade a (very reliable) Win ME installation to XP. I too, resorted to a full, fresh install and had no further troubles.

  Philip2 22:00 26 Jun 2003

Go for the full version or you will have to reinstall ME then XP if you have to do a full format in the future for what ever reason.

  Bluescreen 00:28 27 Jun 2003

As you have bought a previous 9x version from Ms, i see no reason to buy the full version. Just buy the upgrade for £80. I would defiantly do a clean install as xp does seem to kick up errors with upgrades from Me. I would advise to use a disk manager and write your disk back to zeros and do a clean install with the xp install disk. You will need to put in a 98 or Me cd tho during the install, as it will want to ensure that you have purchased a previous O/s from mircosoft.YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL ME OR 98 FIRST!As you have purchased one with the pc, I see no reason who you can't borrow one from a friend and slap that in for proof of purchase.

  Philip2 15:41 28 Jun 2003

Bluescreen what you said is correct but it comes down to how well up you are on I.T.

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