Messages saying local drive E running out of space

  Cockney Rebel 17:02 04 Jun 2018

Good afternoon I,m seeing messages saying my local drive E is running out of space etc.Have checked in system storage says Other 402mb.Sys reserved 13.8mb Wehen I check on the 402 mb it says no files to show.Any clues.Other than that laptop is running perfectly well.Windows 10 just updated to version 1803.Dell Inspiron 17.Thankyou

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:06 04 Jun 2018

common update fault.

you need to unasign a drive letter to this partition.

  1. Start the Windows Disk Management Console. Click 'Start', type 'diskmgmt.msc' (without quotes) and press ENTER.
  2. In the Windows that opens, right click on the 'System Reserved' partition in the lower pane and select 'Change Drive Letter and Paths..'
  3. In the dialog that opens, click the 'Remove' button.
  4. Close the Disk Management Console.
  Cockney Rebel 07:40 05 Jun 2018

Good morning Fruit Bat Thanks for the reply.Have tried as you suggested but when I right click on that drive the only option that comes up is"Help" .No option to change the letter

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 05 Jun 2018

Try using diskpart to remove the drive letter click here

  Cockney Rebel 06:24 06 Jun 2018

Many thanks Fruit Bat.Tried that and it worked perfectly.No more annoying pop up messages about disk space.

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