message on start up -can I take a snapshot of it?

  Beverley Anne 11:19 03 Mar 2005


I m using a W98 pc.

I got an error message while the pc was booting up
this morning.

The only bit I managed to write down what I could remember " no data found on" and "DIMMS" The pc finished booting up then and I couldn't remember anything else. The thing was just too quick!!

I have tried pressing the "print screen sysrq" key
and when the pc get to the desktop opening wordpad or paint programmes put nothing happens.

Is there anyway I can save a snapshot of the message and when the pc finishes loading and I get back onto the desktop I could open wordpad or something similar and paste it?

I have restarted the pc put the message has not appeared since.

I wanna be prepared for it next time.

thanks inadvance


  Jaymz87 11:34 03 Mar 2005

There's another little known key two spaces along from the "Print Screen/Sys Req" Key, the "Pause/Break" key halts the bootup process, allowing you to note down anything thats on the screen.

  Beverley Anne 13:46 03 Mar 2005

Hi Jaymz87.

Thanks for your response I will give that a shot!!

I have always wonder what those keys were for I've learnt something new today.

Thanks again


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