message at start up?

  mark3986 19:06 10 Jan 2010

C;\Users\MARKGI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\225606Log.iniis lost how can i fix that thanks

  woodchip 19:33 10 Jan 2010

it's generated by registry, go start\run type

regedit press enter, go to edit in the menu, click on find then type in the box 225606Log.iniis press enter key delete what it finds press f3 this goes to next n regedit if its still there delete it he f3 untill you get to end of regedit, do not touch anything else in regedit or you could stop your pc startng. reboot after using regedit to see if its removed the message

  woodchip 19:34 10 Jan 2010

ps in regedit click on the my computer icon top left before doing a search or it will start half way through the registry

  mark3986 21:54 10 Jan 2010

done ccleaner its done nowt and ive tried wot woodchip said and it didnt find anything

  MAT ALAN 22:01 10 Jan 2010

follow path to file and just delete it, its a temp file so nothing in it worth saving...

  mark3986 22:10 10 Jan 2010

mat when i try and follow the path i get to users and then my name and it takes me to my folders eg downloads,music,bookmarks.

  lotvic 23:29 10 Jan 2010

To empty the Locals~ Temp Folder:

Start > Run > and in the box type
click on ok (a window will appear listing all the files)
put your mouse cursor on a blank part in the righthand pane and leftclick.
Hold down Ctrl and press A (this will select everything)
Now delete the lot (they will go into your Recycle Bin)
Exit all and reboot the pc

  mark3986 23:39 10 Jan 2010

lotvic its still not worked matey thank you but anymore ideas

  Les28 10:57 11 Jan 2010

How long have you been getting this message ? Do you just click it to close it?

I was wondering if it started perhaps after you uninstalled a program and maybe the uninstall wasn't complete, perhaps part of the program still running, a service maybe and still loading at startup and looking for the missing file which has been removed. It could also be an installed program that's asking and the program may need reinstalling, did it start after you installed a program?

Do you get this message if you start in safe mode?

Have a look in msconfig startup tab and services tab in normal startup mode to see what's loading at startup. That's click Start button, then Run, then type msconfig and click OK.

Have a look in the Startup tab and see what's ticked as loading at startup, have a look here in Task Manager A-Z list to identify things

click here

and here in Startup information Full List

click here

Then have a look in Services tab in msconfig, put a tick in the box to Hide all microsoft services, then try and identify, do an online search for the non ms services shown as Running.

If you can't identify any uninstalled program remnants in startup or services tabs and it doesn't happen in safe mode may be an idea to try to eliminate your startup items one at a time and rebooting, don't stay online while stopping anti-virus etc, until you don't get the error message to try and identify which program is complaining.

Sorry not to be specific but it's just an idea.

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