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  powerless 13:24 15 Jun 2003

Sorry for posting a message to you on the forum like this but i do not reply to random emails that have hotmail in the address line. (It's a personal thing)

Your question:

"have a pc with 128mb RAM and caleron processer.My cumputer keeps stopping or slowing down,including typing this message!
Do I need even more memory,or can there be a problem?"

Well it depends what operating system you using. If you are using Windows 98/98SE/ME then 128 MB is fine. But what could be causing your problem is background programs using the memory.

So if you go to start > Run > Type: MSCONFIG and then click ok.

Now click on the startup tab at the top. The trick now is to remove the ticks. But do not remove the ticks from "systray" and "scanreg". There maybe a reference to "explorer" again leave the tick in place. Anything else, it's up to you weather you remove the tick or not. I would as it will free up memory. Removing the ticks will stop these programs from starting when Windows starts - it will free some memory.

To check what your stopping from starting when windows starts click here

You will need to reboot and hoefully this will cure your problem.

If your using Windows 2000 or XP...

128MB is not really enough but again you can close the background programs down. Same as above. But you can remove the ticks from everything.


Also run Disk Defragmenter...

Disk Defragmenter (XP and 98 etc.) - Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Disk Defragmenter

If the above does not post back.

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