message saying MFC42.DLL was not found

  tomemz19 18:48 03 Sep 2008

Hi can anyone help me with this. We have bought a used pc. The old user obviously deleted all her stuff off first and we are just wondering if something has been deleted off which shouldnt have been as when we are trying to download our software for example bluetooth disc we get a message saying MFC42.DLL was not found. This has happened on other applications as well. Our pc is windows xp, intel celeron cpu2.40 GHZ, 2.41GHZ, 512MB of ram. The pc is also running slow. Any help would be appreciated as we are not computer buffs. CHEERS!

  mobileman1953 18:56 03 Sep 2008

click here try this link to check for missing files, as for the computer running slow try adding more memory and scanning for spyware etc

  Paul2008 18:57 03 Sep 2008

If you put MFC42.DLL into your browser there is lots of info about this .DLL and the possibilty to download a new one.

  mobileman1953 19:01 03 Sep 2008

click here download this program and run it to clean any unwanted rubbish off machine

  mobileman1953 19:08 03 Sep 2008

click here go to this site scan your computer it will tell you what memory fits your machine

  mobileman1953 17:13 04 Sep 2008

go to click here download missing dll unzip and install may solve problem

  mobileman1953 18:21 04 Sep 2008

failing that try a repair of xp follow instruclick here if none of these work post back someone else may have some suggestions

  mobileman1953 18:24 04 Sep 2008

sorry link did not work try this one click here

  skidzy 21:09 04 Sep 2008

The reason you are getting this MFC42.DLL was not found is possibly because a program like Microsoft Office has been removed,the DLL was probably being shared,normally a warning is given saying you are about to remove a shared dll...this was probably ignored by the previous owner.

A couple of options that may replace the dll in its correct location.

The file can be found within the i386 folder / the system32 folder / or even a service pack.

Do you have a xp installation disc ? (this maybe needed)


Start / run and type

and enter - Note the space between c and /
You may need your windows disc.

Can you also post back the service pack currently installed,goto Start / Control panel and select system...this will identify your service pack.

If service pack one,goto Microsoft updates and update your computer if possible click here

Another option for you,is look in the i386 folder and if MFC42.DLL is there,rename to MFC42.old,then download the new dll from click here and place in the i386 folder.

This is not guaranteed to work,but is an idea.

  mobileman1953 17:03 07 Sep 2008

have any of these suggestions worked for you if so which one did

  skidzy 20:37 07 Sep 2008

Please keep all responses to this thread,here everyone will see what you have tried so far and may advise you of something others may miss.

Via Email:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

" Hi skidzy thanks for reply. Tried scannow it said to put windows xp disc in now to copy files that are required for windows to run properly to the dll cache. Didnt get a disc with the pc but borrowed one from a friend. Tried it but it hasnt fixed the problem. You asked for the service pack and it is 5.1.2600 service pack 2 build 2600. The user guide we got with the pc said you can puchase a reload cd and that will restore every file on the pc to how it was when it was switched on for the first time and fixes most software problems in a matter of minutes. These cds can be purchased from the tiny sales department but tiny computers have closed down. Any suggestions would gladly be appreciated. "

Ok,there are a couple of things we can try but will take some time.

First if you have your important files backed (saved) to disc /flash drive / or even external drive...if not backup first if possible.

Im not sure if Tiny computers have a restore/recovery partition but if yours does have this,we maybe able to repair windows or even restore windows.

As you have ran SFC i doubt you have this restore partition as it would have used this to repair the corrupt files,but we can still try.

Without knowing your system spec,we will be guessing for now.
Turn off the computer
Turn back on and continually tap F10 if no joy restart the computer and try F11.
If one of these works you should see three back your options (assuming this works)
Please bear in mind,it maybe a different F key.

As ive said earlier,i doubt you have the recovery/restore partition and you will need the recovery cd and it maybe possible to buy one online.
Please post your computer make and model and how old.

Do you have the motherboard Drivers and Utilitys disc ?

Have you got any discs that came with the computer ?

Can you confirm if using the xp disc repaired the dll's ? normally its xp home disc for xphome and pro for pro,though i believe pro can be used on home.

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