message rules in outlook express

  hugh-265156 13:16 21 Mar 2003

hi all! i keep getting spam from addresses like [email protected] and [email protected] i have set up message rules to try and send them to my spam folder and even tried blocking is not working though as every new mail has a different [email protected] etc so if i block it dosent work.i get all sorts of subjects like printer ink and loans how can i stop them?

  Tj_El 13:39 21 Mar 2003

Per chance would the email address youa re using in Outlook Express be a Hotmail address?

If so, then the best thing you can do is go on-line to your Hotmail account to the Options section and activate your Junk Mail option to the 'highest' filter level. That would ensure that any mail that is not specifically addressed to you will be sent to the Bulk Mail folder.

For the next few days, check your email on-line (rather than using Outlook) and where an email from someone you know has ended up in the Bulk Mail folder, you can click on it and add follow the options to add the address to your Safe List.

That should help stem the flow into your Inbox.

However if your address is not Hotmail, then check if your provider has similar options that you can use. For example Yahoo, will automatically filter email to a Bulk folder if it is not addresses personally to you.

Hope this helps you out.


  hugh-265156 13:50 21 Mar 2003

my address is @ntlworld but i do have outlook express set up to log on to msn messenger.the hotmail account sorts the junk out fine though.

  MAJ 13:57 21 Mar 2003

You'll not be able to stop them being sent to your email address but you can decide not to download them from your server if you use Mailwasher click here.

  hugh-265156 14:04 21 Mar 2003

im on broadband will this work?

  Tj_El 14:04 21 Mar 2003

I use mailwasher at home to filter my email before importing into Outlook. You might want to try that....?

  tbh72 14:06 21 Mar 2003

huggy, rules work fine. You can make ONE rule and call it "Delete From Server" look at the e-mail addresses and break them down, for example

[email protected]

instead of adding that email to the rule add just this bit instead

[email protected]

I have placed a . at the begining of each incase they don't display properly in this forum, you wouldn't use the . in your rule.

you have to use alittle common sense, for instance using the above would block all email that comes from [email protected] this is ok as no normal sender would use such an address, but if you was to block say [email protected] you could block genuine email.

good luck

  hugh-265156 14:19 21 Mar 2003

thanks for the replys. tbh72 i have put @yosup and @salealerts in the where the subject line contains specific words and also where the message body contains specific words but i still keep getting them.have i ticked the wrong boxes?it works with any other spam i get.

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