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  Jackieanne 15:26 30 Mar 2003

Hey I'm so sorry, I didn't mean anything derogatory about you it was about the only compliment I could pay myself as I said, I really am a late starter and need to print any instructions off 'cos otherwise I lose track of what I'm meant to be doing, I was really on a high yesterday as I managed to set this pc up all by myself but as for antivirus/firewalls ... I know I need them, I know I want them, I know why but not the where and how. Just really sorry!!

  Forum Editor 15:29 30 Mar 2003

Anti virus:

click here


click here

both free, both pretty easy to install and set up, but come back here if you need more help.

  -pops- 15:33 30 Mar 2003

He-he!! Don't worry. I'm thicker skinned than that.

I've just checked and I do have Outpost and the WXP firewalls both running on Internet Explorer. Thing is though, I don't use IE as my normal browseer. I'm an Opera fan and I'm not certain that the XP browser works in that.

Anyway, I've been using this setup or a similar one since before XP was publically available and it's never given me any problems.


  -pops- 15:35 30 Mar 2003

Even the FE uses the same setup as me!

  Jackieanne 15:41 30 Mar 2003

Thankyou, I'm not that thick skinned - tissues out but it's ok now. I've managed to download the AVG 6.0 just got to locate the file & put the serial number in. The link the FE has given doesn't seem like the same one as you gave me - it doesn't mention the free setup?

  powerless 15:49 30 Mar 2003
  -pops- 16:02 30 Mar 2003

My link was to the personal version which is free. FE's link may be to the Pro version which is not free!

When you have your AVG etc installed don't forget to check for updates regularly otherwise it won't be of much use.

Can I also suggest that you install Ad-aware click here and Spywareblaster click here to keep all those spies and other undesirables out of the way.


  Jackieanne 16:21 30 Mar 2003

Thanks, I went back to your link & have printed off a 30 page 'QUICK' reference guide (I'm glad the AVG one was only 2 pages)& you can understand why I was worried as the first thing it says about installing it is VERY IMPORTANT WARNING (in red ink) but I don't use IE as my regular browser so I'll go back & download then that may be enough for today! Some Mothers day I'm having Ha Ha Still at least I've accomplished something.
Thankyou Brian

  Jackieanne 17:01 30 Mar 2003

I have now downloaded both AVG & Outpost & printed off other info to have a go at tommorow - got two dogs to walk now so bye & thanks again for all your help. Guess I'll end up a regular visitor & who knows - eventually I may be able to help someone else!

  -pops- 18:33 30 Mar 2003

Good for you, Jackieanne. This is an excellent forum but very addictive- be warned!


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