Message Pop Up box to another computer

  SLIMMERTIF 19:17 26 Feb 2005

Hi Guys and Gals...

I have a home network set up- with a laptop on a wireless connection. All is working fine (maybe I shouldn't admit that!!) One question.... is it possible and if so how - can I message one of the other computers? As in a pop up box.

I am sure it can be done, my student son at Uni says so.. but won't tell mum how! Both computers are running XP - don't know what other info you might need.


  CaleI 19:38 26 Feb 2005

Freeware that you can get from click here

click here

This ones free and easy to use.

Not sure if you can do it via XP messenger service but best to have that turned off as spammers exploit it!

  SLIMMERTIF 19:59 26 Feb 2005

Cheers - going to download it later - when I can get to a computer for a time!!

I take it they both need the software - and is it self explanatory.....? This is mum here don't forget!

  CaleI 20:03 26 Feb 2005

yea you need to run it on both PC's. Dead easy with no configuration req. When another PC on the network is running you'll get a little pop up bubble informing you then you simply double click on the little icon to open the program and select which PC you want to message.

PC's are named by their network name i.e. Desktop, laptop or what ever you called them :)

Have fun.

  josie mayhem 22:39 26 Feb 2005

I've just downloaded the poop up thingy, very easy to load onto the computers.

I think Mum will have no problems, at the moment having fun with my 13 year old daughter in comunications across our network.

Mind you there does seem to be a slight glich, everytime I sent the message, please make me a coffee! there seems to be some brakedown in commmunications?

All I need to sort out now, is this a human error or a programme error?

  CaleI 22:51 26 Feb 2005


  josie mayhem 23:40 26 Feb 2005

I've having the best fun that I've had for ages.

I've given up on the coffee, but still await the cheese on toast, said daughter has been instructed to pass this message/order onto to hubby, who of course is whatching those flipping (and that the polite word) for it!!! films???

Sorry slimmmerfit, for hijacking your thread, but I'm having so much fun, and when you think of it, it's has produced another way that I can communitcate with the kids.

I have a very good communication with them, they do know that they can talk, sometimes I do get more than I've bargain for. I don't really wont to know about what there personal lives involes, and yes I've had mun, I think that I might be ......

And believe me, I will use alomost anything that helps me to turn my children into respected and law abiding adults.. But have I enjoyed playing around with my youngster with this popup messager thingy.


The hamster is off to the vets on monday! Little one is worried about it. Splogde by name and by nature!!

  Chezdez 01:12 28 Feb 2005

no need for any fancy software, windows can do it for you!

go start > run, type CMD, hit run

the command prompt pops up

type net send, followed by /(computer name) (i think, it may not have the /), and then you message

i think that's the correct syntax, can someone clarify?

  BigMoFoT 01:31 28 Feb 2005

Whats with all the software - you guys never heard of net send?

  SLIMMERTIF 08:07 28 Feb 2005

Cheers for all the info (been busy over the weekend, no time to play........ boo hoo.... )

Glad that I have managed to get a thread going that has had a knock on effect for coffee.... and fun!!

Going back to my original thread, I am sure that the clever son in my home, never used any extra software, so if anyone could elaborate a bit more on the last two threads from Chezdez, and BigMoFot - we might have even more fun, and a teeny weeny bit more knowledge.


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