Message on P4 PC adjusting graphics or gaming.

  PhlipChip 12:08 18 Dec 2004

Just built a PC with 3G P4 chip, 1GB Kingston PC3200 DDR memory, 120GB Maxtor ATA HDD, Sapphire Radeon 256MB 9800XT graphics. The chip and the card are 2nd hand. The case is open and am using 'old' DVD Rom at work to install games. Also using newish 17" Dell monitor but have good 19" Ilyama at home. Loaded several old fave games, ie, MOH, Call Of Duty, et. Adjusted all graphics settings on first MOH to (almost) maximum. Every time I adjust and press Apply I get a 'Windows has encountered a problem and must shut down/Send Report/Don't send Report' message. Last time was when changing from 16 bit to 32 bit.
Once cleared I rebooted and ran MOH from the CD but half way thru' loading the first level I got a similar message. I tried loading 'BreakThrough' (expansion pack) but it started to load and took me back to my Desktop screen.
Any ideas? Duff equipment?

  PSF 12:27 18 Dec 2004

Have you installed all the latest drivers for the pc. ie. motherboard, Graphics card, direct x, soundcard, OS etc... This would be a good starting point.

  PhlipChip 12:35 18 Dec 2004

I will look at that. I installed the card drivers from a CD which I was assured was/were the latest. I have not yet installed any soundcard drivers. The sound is 'onboard' and I need to obtain and install the drivers for that. The OS is WinXP Service Pack 2. Direct X version 9 is installed. The Motherboard is a new unused ABIT IC7-G which is highly rated so I would be surprised if I needed to install any drivers at present.
Thanks anyway.

  gudgulf 12:37 18 Dec 2004

Also make sure the graphics card and ram modules are properly seated in their slots.

Try running dxdiag to check for any directx problems.

  PSF 12:45 18 Dec 2004

The latest ATI drivers are V4.12 these came out a few days ago, if you do install them you also need .net Version 1.1 to be installed. click here.

Most drivers are out of date when supplied and so it is best to check with the manufactures site for the latest versions. Also check for updates for the games.

If you download Everest click here you can find the links for your hardware to download the drivers direct.

  gudgulf 12:51 18 Dec 2004

Good point crx1600.......I also recall needing to patch CoD with sp2.This came as a hotfix for the ATI drivers..but this was included in the latest versions

By the way the latest driver from ATI is version 4.12

  PhlipChip 12:55 18 Dec 2004

Where do I find/how do I run dxdiag?
The Ram seems to be sat OK, in that the clips are 'closed'.
There is a small piece of plastic sat 'underneath' the graphics card in a slot which is not used buy the card, ie, there are no teeth/pins/contacts on the card to sit in this section of the AGP slot. In the Motherboard manual it says 'Remove this plastic retension piece ONLY (my capitals) when installing the "AGP Pro 50" compliant card" (what's one of those?).
"To install a regular VGA card will require this retension piece back in it's original position to keep the VGA card from sliding back and forth, or even damaging the VGA card or motherboard".
The card is sat tightly in it's slot and held in by 2 screws.

  PhlipChip 12:58 18 Dec 2004

When I installed the Expansion Pack to MOH ('Breakthrough') I had a screen message stating that my version of MOH was 'out of date' and would I like to install a patch (for UK/US versions only), which I did.

  gudgulf 13:11 18 Dec 2004

from the start menu select run and type dxdiag in the box.

You will get a box with verious headings,browse through them...there will be a notification at the bottom of each page that tells if any problems are there.

Have you identified which driver version you have.
Right click on the desktop and click on settings,advanced and from the many options which should be available click on the one that says "options".That will give the driver version (more info in the details tab )

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