Message jammed in Outlook Express

  paul_allard 14:54 10 Jan 2005

I am using an Apple Mac Powerbook OS 9.2 and a large attachment has jammed in Outlook Express and will not allow me to highlight it for deletion and the machine cannot cope with such a large attachment (192 Mb ).

Any ideas ?

  Sethhaniel 15:00 10 Jan 2005

at servers website and read & delete up on the web

  ACOLYTE 15:09 10 Jan 2005

Can you get on to your ISP and ask them to delete it from there end.

  paul_allard 15:10 10 Jan 2005

I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean but I think that the message has not actually been sent and is therefore stuck on the machine that I'm using. The email address is a BT one so we'll have a look on the BT website but I'm not convinced that the problem can be solved at that end

  recap 15:14 10 Jan 2005

What Sethhaniel & ACOLYTE are meaning is to log on to the ISP (in this case BT) website and try deleting it from there and not through Outlook. If you cannot do this yourself via the site requset that BT delete it from their side.

  paul_allard 15:21 10 Jan 2005

I've understood that and we're working on it via BT

  Sethhaniel 15:22 10 Jan 2005

click here
log in at bottom right with your normal login & password then you can access your mail on-line to read or delete without downloading to your computer ;)

  Billp64 15:26 10 Jan 2005

If you log into click here using your normal details you can view or delete mail from there.
Should work for you as I have had a problem in the past which was sloved this way.

  paul_allard 17:32 10 Jan 2005

Tried this : it didn't work
On BT, there is no Outbox so no message to delete, nothing in the Sent folder. I am convinced that the problem is on the machine itself : any suggestions ?

  john-232317 20:25 10 Jan 2005

Use billp64 link, when i tried to reuse my virgin account after not using it for a year there was thousands jamming it up, i just sorted it with mail2web. ;-))

  john-232317 20:30 10 Jan 2005

Sorry reread your post, its stuck going out you mean ? surly if you shut the machine off that will clear it ;-))

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