Is this message genuine?

  Mike_R 13:26 12 May 2004

I received the following message which I deleted:

"Please read the attachment to get the message.
+++ Attachment: No Virus found
+++ MC-Afee AntiVirus - click here"

It followed another message from:

[email protected]>
Subject: Mail Delivery (failure
A message filter removed the following attachment(s) from this message: message.scr.
The WWW address quoted as holding the message was unaccessible.

At the same time Norton IS displyed a message that an attachment had been deleted as suspect.

Am I right in not opening the above attachment?

  prima12 13:29 12 May 2004

I got a similar one today this is mine: Dear user of,

We have received several abuses:

- Hundreds of infected e-Mails have been sent
from your mail account by the new Bagle.AB worm
- Spam email has been relayed by the backdoor
that the virus has created

The malicious file uses your mail account to distribute
itself. The backdoor that the worm opens allows remote attackers
to gain the control of your computer. This new worm
is spreading rapidly around the world now
and it is a serios new threat that hits users.

Due to this, we are providing you to remove the
infection on your computer and to
stop the spreading of the malware with a
special desinfection tool attached to this mail.

If you have problems with the virus removal file,
please contact our support team at [email protected].
Note that we do not accept html email messages.

MCAfee AntiVirus Research Team
Attach: Fix_Bagle.AB_14824.cpl

  stlucia 13:32 12 May 2004

If in doubt, and you're not expecting it, don't open it. Bin it.

  961 14:03 12 May 2004

My Mailwasher pro is showing quite a number of these messages just now and they are labelled "virus" in red and marked automatically for deletion

There really is no reason to do anything with an e-mail other than those from folk you know except to delete it

  €dstowe 14:06 12 May 2004

NEVER OPEN ANYTHING that you are not expecting or do not know the provenance of.

Use a genuine anti-virus program set up to automatically check your emails before opening.

Anything suspect, run it through the A/V again - it won't take long.

Anti-virus companies (and Microsoft) do not send unsolicited messages so any message that purports to be from them is likely to be not real and may contain something you wish it didn't.

Don't be tempted out out curiosity of the wording of the header to open any email message. These headings are deliberately made to be temptations to open them.


  g0slp 14:06 12 May 2004

It is obvious that these virus writers are becoming ever more creative in their efforts to spread their pestilence!

  end 14:31 12 May 2004

"if in doubt, chuck it out"; open NOTHING you are not expecting, and hit "delete"....get rid of it....

  stlucia 15:01 12 May 2004

Without being an expert on this, I would have said that the message reported by Prima is very suspect anyway because of it's poor grammar, and also because it attaches an alleged cure file rather than requiring you to go to the nai web site and download it.

  Como2 16:33 12 May 2004

The web address given by Prima is not ntl's address so is suspect for that

ntlworld has several links to virus removers on their site they dont send them with emails

  Forum Editor 17:30 12 May 2004

with an attachment from any anti-virus company, or an email from Microsoft unless you've subscribed to one of their newsletters.

If you receive anything that purports to contain fixes or tools to find virus infections, or anything at all that you're not expecting..........delete it without a second thought.

  prima12 18:59 12 May 2004

I did a full A/V scan just to be on the safe side, and as expected nothing was picked up, but better be safe than sorry for the sake of 15 minutes of scanning. I did get a virus unknowingly, some time ago which my A/V cleared, but I'm always very wary, but I now never open any attachment unless I know where it comes from. There is some information on the NTL Home site, it's listed under Services and then Security, they are aware of what is going on.

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