Message for GANDALF <|:-)>

  mikeyb59 13:23 12 Apr 2004

Saw your comment in an earlier post praising Avant Browser so thought I'd give it a try.

AMAZING!!!! Its like greased lightening compared to IE6. Makes my 600k BB connection seem much faster. Many thanks

  Rayuk 13:38 12 Apr 2004

And because I was in an inquisative mood I have installed it myself,dont know whether its my eyes that are deceiving me but does seem faster.

  soy 14:16 12 Apr 2004

LOL, I downloaded it just now from reading your comments and I have to agree. The speed seems to have increased. Also ebuyer menus work, yippee....

Avant from now on!

  spuds 14:33 12 Apr 2004

If you want it, try here click here or click here

  steve0 14:53 12 Apr 2004

Can I also add my thanks. Have installed today on laptop - use Opera on my desktop, but I now prefer Avant. Brilliant

  mikeyb59 15:35 12 Apr 2004

Closing now.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:18 12 Apr 2004

Someone call?

G ;-))

  Forum Editor 19:32 12 Apr 2004

I had thought twice about trying this, but in for a penny.......

So far, so very good.

The browser world is getting interesting again.

  Forum Editor 19:36 12 Apr 2004

I understand the roboforms link.

  Hax 20:03 12 Apr 2004


  R4 20:17 12 Apr 2004

Somewhat Different than IE 6

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