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  KEITH 1955 16:12 22 May 2017

i dont know how to contact you guys but i do know you read posts.

is it possible for anything to be done about postings that have dubious things on the "click here for answer" links. i no longer look at these links in other peoples questions because their has become a sudden increase in fake links. a lot of them redirect you to questionable websites ( skimlinks site is an example) and i have even seen some with ads for computer repairs etc.

  Forum Editor 17:31 23 May 2017

Back to the point of the thread.....

We can't stop people from posting links to inappropriate content, but we can remove them when we see them.

Every day I receive emails from a small but faithful group of forum members who let me know when they spot anything untoward. I delete the offending posts, and in the main it works pretty well.

As for not knowing how to contact me...

If you look, you'll see a link that says 'Contact Forum Editor'. It's right next to the red box that says 'Ask a question' at the top of this page.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:58 24 May 2017

I've seen lots of spam threads on this forum but I've never seen any that contain Skimlinks nor any links that say "click here for answer" so that's what makes me think the OP is seeing something other than the usual nuisance spam threads.

  Forum Editor 22:35 24 May 2017


I think that "click here for answer" is MJS WARLORD's reference to links that people place in their posts when they are responding to a request for help.

Skimlinks is commonly used on many forums – it tracks links to some retailers and service providers, and if a click generates revenue, this site is paid. MJS WARLORD seems to be inferring that there's something sinister about Skimlinks, but there isn't. Reputable sites - like ours, and Money Saving Expert for instance, use Skimlinks to help fund free content like our forums.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:28 25 May 2017

OK Ed. Thanks for that.

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