Message editing and spelling

  sattman 13:32 04 May 2003

My computor is very bad at grammer and spelling.

Is their a spell check on the helpdesk that I have not found - alternatively can one retrieve posted messages to edit mistakes?

Or do all posters prepare in "Word" first, check and then paste

  powerless 13:36 04 May 2003

You cannot edit a post - do not worry about spelling mistakes, everyone makes them and it is not a English Grammer forum so i forgive people and myself.

I just type out my post in the Internet Explorer and have a look at any mistakes - correct and then post.

Spell check integrates with IE click here

  sattman 13:43 04 May 2003

I appreciate what your comment - I suppose it is just a personel thing - I never see the mistake until I have posted, then when I look at the mistake I say to myself silly pr---.

  Belatucadrus 13:50 04 May 2003

If you find a posting horribly embarrassing due to spelling mistakes etc, just ask the moderator to remove it. You can then revise and re-post if you want. But as Powerless says, most of us have dropped a clanger at some point and nobody cares that much.

Unless it's funny then look out.

  rawprawn 14:04 04 May 2003

click here This allows you to right click on your message before posting it.

  rawprawn 14:08 04 May 2003

oops I meant to say right click on your message to check the spelling before posting it.

  ThisNameIsMine 14:19 04 May 2003

perfect example of the uses of this program rawpawn!

  wee eddie 17:14 04 May 2003

Thanks Powerless and rawprawn

  1514 17:15 04 May 2003

click here
You could try this, it's free and an icon sits in you taskbar. Highlight any word on your monitor and click the icon. It is the easiest "spell checker" that I have found!

  -pops- 18:25 04 May 2003

Remember that these only check for spelling - not sense or meaning. Neither do they check grammar.

So, you could still end up sending a howler as many have found out!

I'd just accept it, I do.


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