Message at bootup re: cpu

  watty4 17:06 31 Aug 2005

Can anyone tell me why I get this message during the bootup stage.`cpu is unworkable or has been changed.Please recheck-cpu soft menu`I haven`t removed it or changed it. I then get asked to press F1 to continue, then everything comes up as normal.

  Aspman 17:08 31 Aug 2005

Your bios battery possibly is on its way out or has lost charge by being switched off for a long time.

You will need to re-enter the CPU settings in the bios. I can't tell you what these could be without knowing what your CPU is but it is usually quite straightforward.

  Gongoozler 17:19 31 Aug 2005

I recently fixed a computer with a similar problem. I suspected a BIOS problem, but the cause was a dodgy stick of memory.

  watty4 17:23 31 Aug 2005

Thanks for that , I`ll try replacing the battery, the pc is on every day, but I`ve never changed the battery and the motherboard is a few years old now.

  watty4 17:28 31 Aug 2005

Yes, the memory had occurred to me aswell, I am having serious problems using proshow gold,music keeps jumping, slideshows flicker too much.Is there anyway you can check if you have a dodgy memory stick?
I thought if I solved the cpu message that might make proshow gold work ok.I`ll try any suggestions!!

  watty4 17:42 31 Aug 2005

I`ve decided to change my memory cards, as they are relatively cheap, and see how it goes.Thanks for your help

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