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Message about windows 10 on taskbar

  ponytail 08:08 19 Aug 2015

I keep getting a white square in the bottom L/H corner there is a icon next to the safely remove hardware icon which says get windows 10.I think the white square is connected to that icon.My OS is Windows 7

  sharpamat 08:22 19 Aug 2015

I am guessing this is to tall you that Win 10 can now be installed on your system More so if you registered an interest in doing this

  compumac 08:35 19 Aug 2015


If it is the Install icon as opposed to the Win 10 availability icon, then note all the posts about updating Win 10 and consider as to the problems that others are currently experiencing. Albeit there are those who have successfully installed without problems.

Do not jump to do it, there is no need to rush into it.

  ponytail 08:01 20 Aug 2015

If I hover the cursor over the icon it just says get windows 10.I have just turned the laptop on and it is on there now.Just a square with nothing in it

  ponytail 08:03 20 Aug 2015

I have heard bad feedback and good feedback about Windows 10 not sure what to believe.

  compumac 08:07 20 Aug 2015

If it says GET Win 10 then it is asking if you want to reserve your copy of Win 10 and will advise you as and when it is ready for you to download.

Some have done this and downloaded and installed successfully BUT there are many who are experiencing a great number of problems. If in doubt do not at this time, wait till all the dust has settled and all the problems are sorted.

My view, - for what it is worth.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:42 20 Aug 2015

Click it to reserve your windows 10 its free for the first year only so don't leave it too late.

When its ready to install make an image of your drive before installing 10

Install 10 pretty soon while we still remember all the fixes required.

with your luck with computers I'm sure we will be hearing from you when you install :0)

  compumac 14:19 20 Aug 2015

Fruit Bat /\0/\

"While we still remember all the fixes required"
Do we know all the fixes required?

I have not found a fix for mine as yet.

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