message about the system 32\drivers\ntfs.sys.

  parauk 18:47 17 Dec 2003

please can any one help me. i had trouble with my pc and it would not boot up.
after many tries at solving this problem i had to resort to a complete reformat and install of windows xp home.
now i am finding that my pc will work ok for few days or even week then it starts to play up, telling me that windows has to shut down for its own protection while i am doing work on pc or on line. also it will at random throw up the error
message about the system 32\drivers\ntfs.sys.
this is at bootup and i get the option to repair or boot into safe mode. i have tried both which results in my pc operating ok for a period of time then back to square one. this puzzles me as i did a complete reformate and new install of the operating system and it still happens, any ideas folks. thanks

  VoG II 18:57 17 Dec 2003

Try click here to replace ntfs.sys.

  spikeychris 18:58 17 Dec 2003

1. Insert the XP CD-ROM and reboot your machine.

2. When the installation menu appears, press the R key to start an RC session.

3. When prompted, select the installation and enter the Administrator password.

4. At the console, navigate to the system32\drivers folder, by typing

cd \windows\system32\drivers

5. Rename the current ntfs.sys file by typing

ren ntfs.sys ntfs.bad

6. Copy the ntfs.sys file from your installation CD-ROM to your current location by tying

copy :\i386\ntfs.sys .

Be sure you include the fullstop at the end of the command to instruct your system to use the current location.

7. Remove the XP CD-ROM, then restart your machine.

  Chegs ® 19:00 17 Dec 2003
  parauk 20:04 17 Dec 2003

have followed instructions and all went fine. pc acting ok so hope it lasts. thank you one and all for your help

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