Mesh wiped hard drive after replacing motherboard

  norwindian 21:04 05 Nov 2005

I sent my pc back to Mesh to have the motherboard replaced. When the PC was returned they had wiped out everything on my hard disk.

I have sent a complaint to Mesh via [email protected], but I still want to get some advice on if it was necessary to wipe my hard drive just to replace the motherboard?

Mesh never informed me of what they had done, something which makes me even more p...ed off.

Any comments regarding what Mesh should have done is most welcome..

  Diodorus Siculus 21:07 05 Nov 2005

Probably not "necessary" strictly speaking but it could be done for a number of reasons: diagnostics, for example.

  Skills 21:14 05 Nov 2005

They probably as standard reinstalled the operating system and drivers etc to rule out any software problems and in the case of replacing the motherboard this requires a fresh install of XP anyway.

Im not quite sure where you stand really, Mesh might have a clause in there service that states they arent responsible for any data loss most likely I should imagine.

If thats the case then Mesh will probably state that it was your responsibily to back up your data, but it wouldnt have hurt for them to contact you and let you know what they where going to do. I had to send my laptop for repair and the first question I was asked was is there any data you need from the hard drive.

  bremner 21:29 05 Nov 2005

From the Mesh T & C

"The Buyer is specifically advised to back up and verify all data on a regular basis and in any event before a remedy under the guarantee."

click here

  norwindian 21:35 05 Nov 2005

Thanks for the responses.

What makes my blood boil is that noone from Mesh contacted me to say what exactly they were going to do, what replacing the motherboard involved. If they had informed me in advance that replacing the motherboard meant wiping clean the hard drive, then I would have had the opton to remove the hard drive and get it backed up.

As it stands now, I don't know if my hard drive has been replaced or wiped clean, and I haven't had any explanation from Mesh, before or after the repair, to say what they were doing to my PC (except for replacing the motherboard). That is clearly not the way they should do their warranty fulfillments.

  norwindian 21:43 05 Nov 2005

Thank you for your comment, but I don't understand where you are coming from.

I am fully aware that I should have everything backe up, however I do not expect Mesh to wipe my "stuff" from my PC without telling me before or after they have done it.

  VoG II 21:47 05 Nov 2005

You should have had everything backed up anyway.

I guess that you have learned the hard way.

  woodchip 21:49 05 Nov 2005

They are clear enough about it can happen. it's not there responsibility to tell every customer in person. If they put it in writing then that's it

  Skills 21:50 05 Nov 2005

You would expect them to yes but as you see that isnt the case so they put that into there T&C to cover themselves.

  007al 21:53 05 Nov 2005

ask if the motherboard was replaced with the same make/type.a motherboard can be changed sometimes without reinstalling drivers etc,if its the exact same one.depends how old your pc is,as a more recent version would probably have updated bios.

  norwindian 21:59 05 Nov 2005

Thank you for reading and responding to my post.

I understand that I should have had everything backed up, and I am an idiot for not backing up, but the point I am making is that I don't know what replacing a motherboard pn my PC involves, and no one from Mesh told me that after they had finished "fixing" my PC, I wouldn't have any data, music, photos, etc. left.

I feel that I haven't been given a chance to guard myself against my own ignorance. And surely Mesh knows what replacing a motherboard involves, so should inform me.

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