Mesh Wifi - Would Google Wifi work for me?

  sbi85 15:41 10 Feb 2019

Hey all.

I am checking mesh solutions for our (new) home BUT in Hungary. I've been checking up on Google Wifi and since I am in the UK frequently it would be easy to get one. (Google doesn't sell it in Hungary). Many reviews consider it a top3 option for residential mesh provider.

I like the solution but you can read such things as:

Note: We strongly recommend purchasing Google Wifi from the country where you'll be using it. Since wireless regulations vary by country, you may experience compatibility issues if you move your Wifi device(s) to a different country and Google will be unable to offer support. If you're setting up a mesh network, we recommend purchasing all of your Wifi points in the same country.

Further reading revealed that:

Meshed range extenders like Google Wifi would work in any country, but one should compare the frequency range against a list of WLAN channels permitted in their country, and check that the emitted isotropic radiated power (EIRP) of any Wi-Fi equipment does not exceed local restrictions.

Right now I have no clue how to do this. The info I've found so far is a bit confusing. In most places it looks like wireless regulations are the same in the EU, and Europe is usually bunched up together: click here I am not 100% sure now if Google Wifi would work or not. Anyone have any experience in this? Or have any pointers where I can look up additional information?

Much appreciated!


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