Mesh Vista system will not boot

  Eileanbeag 20:40 08 May 2010

My friend has a Mesh desktop with Windows Vista installed and this now fails to boot up giving a message to insert disc 1 which he has unfortunately mislaid. Pressing F8 does not repond neither does pressing F10 -can you suggest anything else that might be done to recover the files on the harddrive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:56 08 May 2010

The files on the hidden partition are created using powerquest drive image software. (Now Norton Ghost)

MY Medion PC uses the same type of recovery system

If you know someone who has either of these programs on their machine they can create the boot floppies / CD that will open the PQI file on the hard disk to start the recovery process

Now on your mesh pc make sure your bios is set to boot from floppy as the 1st drive and insert floppy disc 1 then when prompted insert disc 2 and strike any key

You should now see the drive image gui(general user interface)select restore image
browse to \\.\disk1.part1 RECOVERY and select the PQ folder now on the left you will see FACTORY.PQI highlight it and select ok
the next part of the process should be to choose the destination of where you want to recover the drive to ( at this point I'm not able to progress as I don't want to format my own drive)
It should be \\.\disk1.part2 I have completed this on previous occasions with no problems whatsoever
Remove the floppy from your drive before you reboot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:59 08 May 2010

To recover files from the drive with out using disk recovery

if the MBR is damage windows may not see the drive.

If you have acess to a VIsta DVD boot from the DVD and try a startup repair.

you could try putting the drive into an external caddy to another machine and if you can access the drive then you can extract docs photos etc

  Eileanbeag 01:02 09 May 2010

The computer is not recognising any hard drive - disc supplied with computer eventually found but it will not load as it does not know where to load the os. - is this hard drive or motherboard problem as it is out of warranty would it be better to just buy another processor?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:26 09 May 2010

Probably hard drive failure
but could be
data cable, loose /damaged
power cable, loose damaged
psu, low power on 5 - 12v lines (no power drive)
CMOS battery, BIOS has lost all settings
or motherboard, drive controller failed

Is the hard drive seen in BIOS? if not check cables (IDE? try the one for the DVD drive)- try another drive- change CMOS battery - swap PSU cables (try the one for the DVD drives)

If BIOS sees the drive then maybe Boot sector damaged from command prompt (from DVD) run chkdsk /r also run fixmbr and fixboot.

  Eileanbeag 14:26 09 May 2010

No drive not seen in bios and therefore no access to it or even possibility of reinstalling windows - no loose cables etc. so looks like more serious damage.

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