Mesh Support-Please help! Will1

  will1 14:49 08 Nov 2005

Hi Davey!

I recently contacted you about the whole trial office issue. Remember it wouldn't activate!

You said you were writing me a guide to put on a fresh version of Windows XP.

I can only assume you were too busy to actually do it and send it to me. Judging by this site you have alot to deal with!

I have now put XP back on myself and everything seems fine. Alot of the drivers seemed to get copied over.

However inorder to activate the Power DVD stuff I need the CD Keys as they didn't come with the computer.

Please contact me about this!


  Skills 18:32 08 Nov 2005

You might want to look on your tower for a power dvd sticker with the key on one came stuck to the back of mine. Its not a mesh system but it may be there.

  Forum Editor 18:38 08 Nov 2005

Although we're here to help, we aren't a noticeboard where people can post messages for suppliers. Davey of Mesh is like any other forum user - he logs in when he wants to, and there's no guarantee that he'll be online on any particular day. Send him a reminder email about this.

  smurfling 19:13 08 Nov 2005

Go to [email protected] they run a dedicated mesh help site

  smurfling 19:17 08 Nov 2005

click here sorry should be this one

  PSF 20:59 08 Nov 2005

Have a look at the Power DVD cd, you should find the number is printed on it. That is where I found the numbers on a Mesh pc I re-installed. I did not notice them at first.

  gel 21:13 08 Nov 2005

Although I have had my Mesh PC for over 3 years I have just recently had need of PowerDVD Found the disc which Mesh had included in the pack with the code on the disc. Installed the dics and I am now watching DVD's

  The Spires 21:28 08 Nov 2005

will1, No please?

  will1 12:13 09 Nov 2005

Thanks for all your replys!

I appreciate your input.

I have emailed Mesh but haven't had a reply!

Mesh didn't send the CDs just installed them on the factory set up.

I also don't have the codes anywhere.

The Spires No please?

Whats that about?

Cheers All

  MESH Support 12:34 09 Nov 2005

I've emailed you the guides. Do you or your ISP have a block on Word/Acrobat documents at all?

With the PowerDVD software, we are now provided with a licence to distribute the software but have to create the discs ourselves so we chose to install it and back it up onto the image that is created for the F10 recovery. Where this is no longer available we can make a copy for you but it will literally be like a home burnt copy rather than a professionally labelled disc.

Mesh Support

  MESH Support 12:38 09 Nov 2005

On second thoughts I think I might just print the document and post it to you with a copy of the disc if it's needed.

Could you email me confirmation of your address?

Mesh Support

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