Mesh - reformatting problems

  seagulls 19:25 12 Nov 2005

I have had to re-format my hard disk and re-install Windows using a recovery disk provided by Mesh. Cannot now connect to the internet as (according to Blueyonder technical support)need to re-install software for ethernet controller and video controller. Mesh customer support not available apparently at weekends and software support line phone lines have been out of action for the past 36 hours! Mesh recovery disk does not seem to have anything on it apart from Windows. I know I am probably being a bit dense, but I assumed the recovery disk would re-install everything to the state it was when the PC was originally delivered but this does not seem to be the case? Apart from waiting until Monday for Mesh to answer the phone is there anything else I can do?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:28 12 Nov 2005

click here and download Everest; this will identify your components and you can get the drivers from the internet.

  VoG II 19:28 12 Nov 2005

Run the blueyonder Instant Support Tool. This was posted out to blueyonder subscribers quite a long time ago (in a tin!).

  PSF 20:20 12 Nov 2005

If you have formatted your drive you will need to re-install your motherboard drivers which include the ethernet drivers. If you have on-board sound these will also be installed at the same time.

Mesh put the drivers for the motherboard in a folder named Drivers, as you formatted the drive they are all lost.

  Sans le Sou 20:31 12 Nov 2005

What motherboard do you have.

  woodchip 20:33 12 Nov 2005

You should never format a HD when you have a Recovery disc as that does every thing. And should put it back to as how you bought the computer

  seagulls 21:09 12 Nov 2005

Sorry guys told you I was dense. Re-formatting is the description used by the Mesh technician. I have done nothing other than run the Recovery disc as advised by him

  woodchip 22:27 12 Nov 2005

Then there must be a way to access the Recovery files when you boot with CD in comp. Not just a XP install. You may have to press a key. I suggest you check the Manual, about recovery.

From Hear click here
The MESH PC I have came with a floppy disc and two CDs for the recovery. If my memory is working correctly then you put the floppy in then boot the pc then put disc 1 into the DVD drive, from there there was four options to choose from the only one I can remember is the fourth, I think, to reset the PC to how it came from the factory. The only one I ever used

  woodchip 22:29 12 Nov 2005

Also look click here

  woodchip 22:33 12 Nov 2005

You should have Mesh XP disc and a Drivers Disc. As far as I found, no Software CD unless you create your own when you first get the computer with NERO

  darrboyy 16:16 13 Nov 2005

I had the same problem with my mesh computer, phoned them and sent the motherboard driver cd, got the next day.

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