mesh problems

  joey bloggs 17:31 13 Apr 2005

ive got a meshmatrix m7-3200+ the pc starts on its own and theres no soundand the video controller in the device manager is showing a question mark ive accidentally deleted all drivers cant get through to mesh can anyo ne tell me were i can download the drivers from thankyou

  matt1234 17:53 13 Apr 2005

try the manufactuers of the deviceses website!!!

  Bagsey 18:48 13 Apr 2005

You should have all of them on your mesh recovery disc.

  Bagsey 21:37 13 Apr 2005

Following on from your email. Is your Mesh computer in the as supplied condition or have you added other equipment to it. If it is as mesh supplied the set up on the recovery CD should return the machine to its factory supplied state. If you can, back up any files you need then run the recovery CD and your computer should be returned to the condition that you received it in. Doing this you WILL lose any unbacked up files.
This worked for me just a few months ago.
Please reply via this forum to maintain continuity of information.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:02 13 Apr 2005

Try using click here
Everest to ID your components and get the latest drivers from the manufacturers site.

  Raz3 13:13 06 Apr 2006

I've been looking at mesh pc in your mag for the last 3 months.they have some excellant specs.i was going to spend £2500 but had some awful reviews about mesh and there after care service.can you please advsise

  vinnyT 13:23 06 Apr 2006

As for the starting on its own prob. this is likely down to a setting in your bios, ie 'start on ring', if this is set, then whenever your phone rings, the pc will start up.

Hope this helps.

  freaky 13:37 06 Apr 2006

The Mesh recovery disc supplied with their PC's does not include any drivers. This is because each PC they supply will have different gear installed - hence the warning in their Quick Start Guide to back-up the Drivers Folder.

This point was raised on the Forum a while ago, the only way you can get the drivers is by contacting Mesh giving them your order number.

  MESH Support 11:24 10 Apr 2006

Freaky is correct regarding the drivers and recovery CD, with the addition of there is an F10 Recovery system on the hard drive that allows you to restore the system to factory settings but this is "broken" if you use any form of partitioning software or use the Recovery CD at all.

If you still need help with this problem, email me your Mesh Order/Serial number and screen name (joey bloggs) to [email protected]


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