Mesh PC secondary hard drive installation brackets

  banrock 19:45 14 Aug 2003

Having purchased a Mesh PC with easy fit rack system for hard drives, I have now purchased a second drive for backups, only to find I require a couple of brackets to allow the drive to be slid in and out. Can anybody advise me on a source for these (I am of course waiting on a reply from Mesh technical help). Part numbers / prices and sources would be useful.


  xania 20:59 14 Aug 2003

You should be able to pick this up at any Computer Fair, or any PC repair shop.

  kevvyb 19:07 16 Aug 2003

Are you sure? Unless Mesh have changed their rack system for HD's (mine is at 45 degrees to the rest of the racks for other drives) there is a small lever with "press" on it which allows the whole thing to slide out.

Mine has space in the bottom for another drive but becuase of rubber grommets in the casing I needed some longer screws. They were hard to come by and I eventually obtained them from MESH by going to their workshops (I live quite close) and explaining what I needed.

If you do find yours is the same and you need some screws, email me and I'll send some to you (they gave me a whole bagful).

  banrock 16:31 07 Sep 2003

A little delay in posting this, however Mesh did eventually come good. The brackets are mounted on the removable side panel, they look like retaining clips so I was caught out, having looked around the Hdd chasis etc for them. It was the third reply from Mesh that put me straight, evidently not all there own staff know about this, however problem solved now. As an extra I installed a 'Maxtor HDD' same model and spec as the one fitted. I had problems getting the disk recognised, downloaded Maxtors 'Maxblast' etc. but to no avail. thank heavens I have partition magic installed, it sorted things out in around ten minutes.


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