Mesh PC not working - silence

  QUADDRA 16:26 31 Aug 2008

Hi all, here we go again…..
I am still using this Mesh PC which was working fine last night.
Turned it on today and nothing.
No boot up, no fan noise, no spinning hard disk, zilch..
Checked the plug fuse- not the problem.
Opened the case, plugged the computer back in and switched the rocker switch on the back of the pc back on.
A little green light on the mother board comes on, pressed the power button on the front but still silence.
I guess it could be something like a faulty power switch, or maybe the power supply but not really sure.
So does anyone know what to do next?
Is there anything simple to check?
Are there any other fuses that could be checked easily?
Does the power supply have its own fuse?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 31 Aug 2008

Power supply unit failed
will still supply enough for mobo led hence green led

"Are there any other fuses that could be checked easily? Does the power supply have its own fuse?"

No, fuse may have gone inside PSU but very nasty voltages in there, do not recommend you open unless a qualified electronics engineer.

  QUADDRA 16:58 31 Aug 2008

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\
You seem quite sure about it being the power supply, is this from experience? and do you think its possibly anything else like the push button on the front? or is it unlikely to be this or anything else?
OK so if its definitely the power supply where would the best place be to get a new one and which would be the best unit to replace the one I have?
Thanks again Fruit Bat /\0/\

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:37 31 Aug 2008

The power supply units on the mass PC makers like Dell Mesh etc. are notoriously poor. Its how they save money on the build price.

Maplins do a PSU tester, but the easiest way is to "borrow" one to plug into your board to try.

If renewing a PSU check:

1. The physical size of your PSU, some are hard to replace due to being a non standard size.
2. The amount of power need from the PSU don't skimp.
3 The correct connections for your equipment

1. Physical Dimensions

Besides the specs and form factors, the physical dimensions are also important factors in selecting a compatible power supply. Here is an outline of the physical dimensions of most standard power supplies:

# ATX: 6x3.5x5.5", HxWxD. Most common. Uses 4 mounting screws.
# Mini-ATX: 5x3.5x5", HxWxD. Rare size. Uses 4 mounting screws. Can be used in a regular ATX case, but often not the other way around.
# MicroATX: 5x3x4", HxWxD. Use 3 mounting screws. Not interchangeable with ATX or miniATX.
# Flex ATX: Even smaller than Micro ATX. Various sizes according to case specs; often not interchangeable.

Use the data above to determine if a particular power supply would fit your case.

The quality of a power supply can be estimated by its weight. While this is not a true scientific or thorough measurement of the power supply reliability, it is nevertheless a very simple and easy way for ordinary PC users to estimate and compare the quality of a power supply.

2. Power supply calculator click here

3. Correct connections
Some boards have 20 pin connectors others 24 pin
There is often a 4 pin plug required to power Intel CPUs
Molex D plugs for IDE HDD and CD/DVD drives
SATA power connections for latest HDDs and DVD drives.

Guide to changing PSU
click here
click here

  QUADDRA 21:02 13 Sep 2008

Hi, Quick question-
Bought a new power supply.
This one comes with both the 4 pin Molex and serial sata power supply cables.
My sata hard drive has both power connectors the 4 pin Molex and the sata.
The old power supply never had the sata power connector so the hard drive was powered via the Molex connector.
Can I just use the new sata power supply connector or do I need to keep using the old type Molex. Also if I plug in the sata power connector are there any settings or other changes I need to make e.g. will the pc shout at me about some bios problem, or should it be a matter of just plug it in, and it will work?

  Zeppelyn 21:05 13 Sep 2008

Yes you can use the SATA power connecter or molex , most new PSU's now include these. Just DON'T use both.

  QUADDRA 21:09 13 Sep 2008

Ta, so no bios changes or jumper stuff?

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