Mesh PC (6800GT SLI based) - unable to play games

  malfranks 11:18 19 Jun 2005

A couple of months ago i bought a PC from Mesh

Asus A8N SLI Deluxe, AMD64 4000+, 1GB PC3200 RAM, 2 x Geforce 6800GT, 2 x 200GB SATA HD, Sony DDU1613 DVD-ROM & Sony DW-D22A Dual Layer DVD-R/RW

The first hiccup with the above was that whoever setup the PC hadn't fully installed XP, but a fresh reinstall (after rescuing the drivers - which they only provide on the Hard Disk) sorted this out

Machine works fine - until I run any game more intense than Solitaire!

After a few minutes it either:

a) crashes and the monitor goes into stand by while everything else continues;

b) system completely resets but the monitor doesn't come on and i have to do a hard reset

sometimes a single beep is heard from the PC speaker before any of the above crashes. Sometimes dotted vertical lines appear on screen.

Tried various drivers but get the same results

  leo49 11:38 19 Jun 2005

Afraid it's another price you pay for being an early-adopter.

First is the high purchase price and the second is you get to sort all the bugs.

Sounds like a graphics problem and as 2xgraphics cards are fairly new I'd get on to Mesh.

  malfranks 11:46 19 Jun 2005

Easier said than done. Tech support phone isn't available outside of work hours, when suprising enough I'm at work ;) and their website appears to be down so I can't post a request for help.

Hoping their site is back up and running tomorrow

  Snec 11:49 19 Jun 2005

When flecc, Mango Grummit and leo49 used to post here they said many times, the reason Windows Me was poorly regarded was due to someone else installing it (and a few other things) ... the same is true of all OSs.

malfranks -- even now your machine may be OK but just format your drive (you will NEVER have to do so again) and then buy and install a New-Out-Of-The-Box OS of your choice. Build it up steadily from there and you will no further problems, unless your machine is a wrong'un.

Please folks ... do not buy these pre-installed with everything you need bargains./ they're not.

  leo49 11:49 19 Jun 2005

Check out the Mesh threads in Consumerwatch and you should find Davey of Mesh's email address - he's the guy who seems to get things done at Mesh.

  Snec 11:51 19 Jun 2005

Blimey!!! and there he is... Wot Ho D.

  leo49 11:53 19 Jun 2005

Those were the good old days when I was alive... :o)

  Joe R 11:54 19 Jun 2005


this is the e-mail address to contact.

[email protected]

  Snec 11:55 19 Jun 2005

and a dollar was a dollar, regards matey,M

  leo49 11:57 19 Jun 2005

Hi M - trust you're well.

  malfranks 11:59 19 Jun 2005

thanks :)

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