Mesh the only manufactures monitor/answer forum?

  rawprawn 19:03 07 Sep 2004

There have been, I notice over this last few months a lot of complaints for various reasons about Mesh Computers. Mr Davey of Mesh support always seems to be on hand to pour oil on troubled waters.This has become more noticable since SP2 which seems to create a problem for them. Is it that Mesh have more technical problems with the way the originally configure their computers, or are they just better at customer relations ?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:40 07 Sep 2004

Maybe it's the very fact of Mesh's presence that generates more posts - people with other brands may not bother to post as they get no response from their supplier - doesn't mean they are not having problems. OR --
Maybe Mesh customers form a disproportionate quantity in the total number of active PCA members - as Mesh is so frequently recommended by PCA and in the forums?

(No I don't own a Mesh)

  Dorsai 20:14 07 Sep 2004

Or perhaps mesh care. And no one elso can be bothered.

But i don't work for mesh, or own one. nor ditto for any PC company in any way.

  rawprawn 08:02 08 Sep 2004

Thank you for your commenst.

  Danoh 06:43 15 Sep 2004

I'm always impressed as a customer when a vendor's support team are prepared to put in a public appearance in a forum. There will always be problems but its the way they are handled and I am impressed with recent posts of MESH's bundling PCs pre-tested with Windows XP SP2.

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